Treat Vertigo & Osteoporosis
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These Are the Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs To You Need to Treat Vertigo & Osteoporosis

According to recent research, there is a link between osteoporosis and vertigo, i.e. most people who suffer from one of these two conditions will probably suffer from the other as well. What’s more, both of these health problems happen because of the same reason and their treatment is similar. Did you know that combining the right vitamins, minerals, and herbs can treat both of these problems at once?

Scientific Research


A study published in the journal Neurology indicates that people who have vertigo have a higher likelihood of bone loss. What’s more, those who have osteoporosis have a three times higher chances of vertigo, as the study points out. This association was stronger in women and almost 75 percent of those with vertigo had osteoporosis whereas 43 percent of patients did not experience dizziness.

What Causes Vertigo and Osteoporosis?


Although the reasons for vertigo may be numerous, for example, inflammations of the inner ear or Meniere’s disease, loose calcium crystals moving through the sensing tubes in the inner ear could be the main culprits. What’s more, osteoporosis and vertigo are most common in post-menopausal women due to the low level of estrogen that shortens the bones’ release of calcium into the blood. Higher level of ‘free’ calcium does not allow the body to remove the crystals from the inner ear.


Calcium Could Be the Solution to These Problems


Even though women in menopause may benefit from supplementing with calcium, men and women of all ages need to take calcium regularly. In fact, doctors recommend getting the needed daily amount from an early age. All in all, this mineral is pivotal for bone formation and lack of it can cause bone brittleness and make them more prone to fractures. Also, calcium is a good solution to vertigo because it can eliminate crystals from the inner ear.


Other Natural Cures for These 2 Health Problems


Magnesium and vitamin D supplements should also be taken to ease the absorption of calcium in the body. Additionally, gingko biloba, a Chinese herb, can be very helpful for people who suffer from vertigo, but it can also strengthen the bones in people with osteoporosis. You can find it in the form of tablets, dried leaves, extracts, and capsules.

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