Pokemon Emerald Cheat Codes
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Top 10 Must-Know Pokemon Emerald Cheat Codes

Pokemon Emerald is a beloved classic among fans of the franchise, known for its captivating storyline, diverse Pokemon roster, and challenging battles. However, for those seeking an extra edge in their journey through the Hoenn region, cheat codes can be a game-changer. Whether you’re looking to level up your Pokemon quickly, encounter rare species, or simply have some fun with unique features, mastering these cheat codes will enhance your gameplay experience. In this article, we’ll unveil the top 10 must-know cheat codes for Pokemon Emerald.

Unlimited Rare Candies (PC):

  • Rare Candies are invaluable items that instantly level up your Pokemon. With this cheat, you’ll never have to worry about grinding for experience again. Simply input the code “82005274 0044” into your emulator’s cheat menu, and voila! Unlimited Rare Candies will be at your disposal.

Master Ball Cheat:

  • The Master Ball is every Trainer’s dream, as it guarantees a catch without fail. Input “82005274 0001” into your cheat menu, and you’ll receive an unlimited supply of Master Balls. Catching legendary Pokemon has never been easier!

Encounter Any Pokemon In The Wild:

  • Tired of searching endlessly for that elusive Pokemon? With the code “83007CF6 0194,” you can encounter any Pokemon in the wild simply by entering the corresponding Pokemon’s National Dex number. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to your favorite Pokemon!

Walk Through Walls:

  • This cheat opens up new possibilities for exploration by allowing your character to walk through walls and other obstacles. Enter “7881A409 E2026E0C 8E883EFF 92E9660D” into your emulator’s cheat menu, and you’ll have the freedom to navigate any terrain with ease.

Infinite Money:

  • Building a strong team often requires substantial financial resources. Input “82025BC4 E0FF 82025BC6 05F5” into your cheat menu to enjoy infinite money, ensuring that you can purchase any items or services without constraints.

Shiny Pokemon Encounter:

  • Shiny Pokemon are rare variations prized for their unique appearance. With the code “F3A9A86D 4E2629B4 18452A7D DDE55BCC,” every wild Pokemon encounter has a chance of being shiny, adding excitement to your journey.

Instant Egg Hatch:

  • Waiting for Pokemon eggs to hatch can be a test of patience. With this cheat, you can bypass the waiting game altogether. Input “D7A2E463 3AFF 8E883EFF 92E9660D” into your cheat menu, and eggs will hatch instantly upon receiving them from the Pokemon Day Care.

No Random Encounters:

  • Random encounters can disrupt your exploration or training sessions. By entering “B505DB41 6E39EA4E” into your emulator’s cheat menu, you can eliminate random encounters altogether, allowing for uninterrupted progress.

Max Stats for Pokemon in Battle:

  • Ensure your Pokemon are always at their best with this cheat, which maximizes their stats during battles. Input “C1AEDD79 5939EF0C” into your cheat menu, and watch as your Pokemon dominate every opponent they face.

Complete Pokédex:

  • For completionists aiming to catch ’em all, this cheat is a lifesaver. Enter “93CC476A 8C7B6C01 03650473 DF38618E 67C11314 8556956F BB87C867 94118B68” into your cheat menu, and your Pokédex will be instantly filled with all Pokemon, excluding event exclusives.

These top 10 must-know Pokemon Emerald cheat codes are sure to revolutionize your gaming experience. Whether you’re looking to streamline your journey, enhance your team’s capabilities, or simply have some fun experimenting with new features, these cheats offer something for every Trainer. Just remember to use them responsibly and enjoy the adventure that awaits in the Hoenn region!

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