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4 Big Benefits of Living in Pond Facing Apartment


History shows that the greatest empires and cities were always built near water bodies. Humans are social creatures and they love to live in a community. Since the inception of civilization, various communities inhabited lands situated near water bodies – be it on rivers banks or seashore. Even when we go on a holiday near the sea beach, we look for sea-facing rooms. Hotels with grand views of oceans and seas are the most expensive.

There Must Be Some Reasons, Right?


From ancient palaces to modern residential projects – apartments having a good view of natural or man-made water bodies are always in high demand and highly valued for the plethora of benefits that are attached to it. In an urban landscape, when the concrete jungle overshadows most greens and polluted ‘city’ air, residential projects are offering abundant open spaces and wellness amenities within the complex. A residential complex is offering affordable, pond-facing apartments that are redefining luxury where you can sit beside the pond and let the water caress your senses or simply enjoy some alone time overlooking the serene water body.The aesthetics, the investment point-of-view or the sheer serenity of a water body have the power to affect your physical and mental health positively and change your lifestyle for good. The distinct benefits of living in pond-facing apartments include:


Physical Benefits:


Presence of water helps you breathe fresh air as it releases negatively charged ions into the air. Water also eliminates toxic compounds from the air around which helps your body’s capacity to absorb oxygen easily. Breathing fresh air cures a lot of diseases and makes it possible to deal with stressful situations more efficiently. An evening stroll by the waterbody or gazing at it sometimes can elevate mood as well. Decreased stress levels strengthen immunity and fight disease, illnesses, and other health conditions.


Healing Power:


Water is known to have healing power and water bodies around the living space can balance the body restoring physical harmony. The sound-masking ability of water helps to cancel out the monotonous noise of street traffic or usual cacophony, replacing them with soothing white sound. It helps your brain to relax and enjoy good quality, uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. Naturally, you wake up in the morning feeling rejuvenated and energized. Water can ooze out a cool and hydrated ambience around it, absorbing unwanted heat from the air that can reduce air-conditioning costs of the homes near it.


Psychological Benefits:


When stress has become an inseparable part of daily urban lifestyle, it is a tried, tested, and trusted fact that listening to the sounds of trickling water is therapeutic. Splashing water normalizes one’s breathing rate, decreases blood pressure and relieves tension. It floods the brain with dopamine, a hormone responsible for happiness or feeling good. That’s why activities like boating and fishing give us much pleasure. Living by the water ensures a happy mind which can actually add healthy days to your life and increase your life expectancy.


Aesthetically Pleasing:


Sitting by the waterbody or gazing at the pond from your window can clear the mind and revitalize the soul. It is a constant natural feature that provides a certain open space. Additionally, water bodies attract birds and support other wildlife that has grown scarce in the urban regions. A morning walk or an evening stroll around the calm and soothing water body can never fail to please the senses.


In conclusion, the allure of pond-facing apartments extends far beyond mere aesthetics. They offer a myriad of benefits, enhancing physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The therapeutic presence of water fosters fresh air, healing properties, and psychological rejuvenation, mitigating stress and promoting happiness. Moreover, the serene ambiance and natural beauty of water bodies enrich daily life, providing solace and a connection to nature amidst urban landscapes. Choosing to reside in a pond-facing apartment isn’t just about luxury; it’s a holistic investment in a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle, where each day is imbued with the soothing embrace of water’s timeless charm.

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