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What do you really want? Is it money, fame, a different partner, a bigger house, more respect, being the boss, creating a better world, doing something for the environment…?


Yes, your mind will tell you: “If only I had… if only I would… I would be the happiest person in the world.” Believe me, you wouldn’t!


Without a doubt, these things can add some energy and short term satisfaction to your life, however they won’t give you enduring joy – what you are truly looking for. When your desires are satisfied, new desires will strike in your mind thus you continue yearning for the next extraordinary thing while never discovering a real sense of profound happiness and peace.

Also this little round of satisfying and desiring your longings continues to go – life after life. What you really want, what you are really longing for is to realize your godlike nature and to live a life filled with peace, happiness, love and freedom.

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These things can’t be found outside of you, they are already within you, but you can’t see them, because they are covered by thick “layers of dust”.

 You can’t see the true you – your godlike nature, because you are so much identified with the “dust” covering your real nature.

 Wipe away the dust and wake up! But how? Theoretically it’s easy – yes, just wake up and see the god you are. Practically it requires quite a lot of time and work. One of the secrets to fulfillment is to get to know yourself, to realize who you are.

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 Numerology is one method which assists you with accomplishing that. I’m not saying it’s the best tool, because it might be the right thing for you right now or it might not – you have to find out for yourself.

Did you realize? I said Numerology is a tool. It’s not a definitive, magic zero-exertion expected trick to accomplish delight and satisfaction. That kind of gimmick doesn’t exist, otherwise all rich people who could afford such a “special solution” would be levitating, enlightened masters.

Numerology is an incredible method to assist you with better understanding what your identity is and who you are not. It assists you with removing the layers and to draw out how genuine you are. Whenever utilized appropriately and combined with genuine efforts, Numerology can and will incite a change of your being.

We are providing you with the fundamental thoughts and standards of Spiritual Numerology. It’s a blend of Pythagorean.

Use it as a tool, use it light-hearted, don’t take it word by word – remember, your own truth is within you, and that’s where you have to search.

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