You Should Know How Long Does a Windshield Replacement and Repair Take

Windshield is a front window of any vehicle like Car, Bus, Trucks etc which protects occupants from the elements and provides visibility. Nowadays there are two types of windshields in trending OEM windshields and Aftermarket Windshields. A lot of benefits of windshields like protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation, dust, insects and keep you safe from other external factors that can affect you.

Why Windshield is Important

Windshield is important in many ways for the people who use vehicles from wind, elements, and flying roadway debris. It provides protection from accidents, drivers and other passengers like strong wind, rain, snow etc. There are more key features that your car  structure strength and driving with a damaged windshield increases the risk of larger safety and financial issues down the road.

Windshield Replacement and Repair

Advantages of Windshield Repair

It is always preferred to repair your windshield as compared to the windshield replacement.  Have a look at the advantages of windshield repair over windshield replacement.

1) It is always more Convenient to perform windshield repairs than windshield replacement.

2) Repair of Windshield is less costly than replacing the whole windshield.

3) Insurance companies are also favorable for you to recover expenses.

Advantages of Windshield Replacement

Let’s look at another side about windshield replacement. It has its own benefits. Your safety will be secure with a windshield replacement. If you find that your windshield is cracked from somewhere, it may lead to risking your life on the road. With your cracked windshield you can not drive on the road. You may find a mobile windshield replacement service near you.The benefit is that they will come to your location immediately and replace your windshield, so you are safe to drive on the road again. The service of replacement of windshield works for all type vehicles.

How Long Does a Windshield Replacement and Repair Take

Firstly we should know whether our windshield is repairable or not. If our windshield is repairable. We should also consider a few factors. For example :Size of the damage, Diameter or up to three inches long, Depth of the damage, Location of the crack or chip, Type of crack or chip. If your vehicle has passenger side airbags.

If any experts examine your vehicle and they are not able to repair your damaged windshield. Then you are advised to replace the windshield. Normally, the auto glass replacement process takes 30 to 60 minutes. It is not much time, but you are recommended that you should not drive the vehicle for an additional 60 minutes after the windshield has been replaced, this means you are looking at about two hours in total processing time.  When we talk about windshield repair, it takes 15 to 30 minutes. The estimated time you may get to know from a professional technician is how much time it will take for repair of your windshield. 

How do I Know Which Windshield Type

You can get information about your windshield. There are very small black letters at the bottom left, right or center at your windshield. If you are using an aftermarket windshield, then there are 2 letters followed by 4 numbers. For example, if you have a Honda Civic with windshield of Aftermarket then there will be FW for Foreign Windshield followed by 4 Numbers. It may look like “FW2506” The Number will start with DW for Domestic Windshield. So it may look like “DW1870MTS”.

There are 4 Types of Glasses used in Windshield

OEM Glass

OEM glass means Original Equipment Manufacturer Glass. It represents that your glass is from certified genuine manufacturer parts for your vehicle.

Aftermarket glass

These glasses are manufactured by those companies who deal directly with the manufactures. Even aftermarket glass is not OEM, but it has the same specifications of OEM and these are not considered to be the original equipment. These glasses are less expensive as compared to OEM Glasses.

Tempered Glass

There is also another technique of producing windshields, in this technique using tempered glass and treating that by heating glass at a certain temperature and Then, at that point, the glass is cooled quickly with cold air. This interaction makes the glass continually grow and contract, bringing about the external layer solidifying and the internal layer being initiated with strain. Usually, these types of glasses are use for rear glass replacement or window replacement. When broken, safety glass can’t be fixed. The only solution left is to replace it.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is helpful in increasing the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.Because air cooling uses a significant amount of fuel, laminated glass reduces the heating of the car and minimizes the burden on your vehicle’s cooling system. As compared to standard glass, laminated glass helps to lower the temperature by 6-7 degrees celsius which reduces the workload on air conditioners and equals better fuel efficiency. Benefits of laminated glass which improves fuel consumption on one side are also lightweight glass. It makes the performance of the vehicle better because these are lightweight glass.That is why using laminated glass reduces the overall weight and saves fuel.

How much does it usually cost to repair a windshield?

It always depends on the location where you are going to repair your windshield. In general it may be estimated the cost is between $50 to $150 to repair a cracked windshield and it may also cost less in a few cases. It depends on the chip, if there is a smaller chip then it will be repaired at low cost. It may be pretty affordable even without insurance. If you already have insurance, possibly you have not to pay anything for repair. Many insurers offer $0 or low deductible glass claims as part of comprehensive coverage.


The protection of your car’s windshield is necessary whether you drive a car like Toyota, Lamborghini, etc. The replacement of the windshield is costly. Today’s time all vehicles in 2021 are designed in such a way, they keep us safer on the road, but there is also a weak point that the cost of vehicle repair and replacement is more. The best solution to protect yourself from expensive and unexpected windshield expenses is to protect your windshield.


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