Why is Canada The Best Place For Study?

For high-quality education, moving abroad is becoming a trend nowadays. Canada is the best option for you if you want to get a quality education with less investment.

Why choose Canada?

Canada has many reasons to be among the best destinations for international students to study. It offers a wide variety of study options, ranging from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree. In addition, research is an integral part of Canadian universities, which plays a massive role at the forefront of technology.

Moreover, it is considered a peaceful and safe country and one of the best countries to live in.

Canada offers a hassle-free visa application process, paid internship opportunities, and tons of on-campus and off-campus work opportunities.

Students can get a post-study work visa for up to 3 years and apply for permanent residence if necessary.

Canadian degrees are valued worldwide; the cost of education in Canada is lower than many other global study destinations.

The scholarships are also available to international students in Canada at different education levels.  Canada is an accommodating country that promotes multicultural diversity.

The expenses associated with studying in Canada include tuition, living expenses, insurance, etc. Universities set their fees based on location, citizenship, and level of study.

The cost of studying in Canada for a graduate or graduate degree is between CA $ 14,000 and CA $ 22,000 per year. The average cost of living in Canada is between CA $ 10,000 and CA $ 15,000 per year.

Canada Study Visa

 Canadian International Student Programs:

The basic three steps to apply for International student programs are;

Choose the program:

A student can choose one of the following programs to apply as an international student. Parental Sponsorship

  • Spousal Sponsorship
  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Federal Immigrant Self-employed Program
  • Quebec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program
  • Quebec Investor Program
  • Student Direct Stream

Or, an applicant can also select the program offered by the visa consultants.

Choose the institute

After selecting the program, the next step is to choose the institute. This step is essential as you need a letter of acceptance from the institute to apply for a student visa or study permit.

Some famous universities of Canada where a student can apply are;

  • McGill University
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Alberta
  • McMaster University
  • & some other

Apply for Study Permit

After getting your letter of acceptance from the institute, you can apply for a study permit. Your visa consultant helps you to apply for a student visa.

Other documents to apply for a study visa includes;

  • A letter of acceptance
  • Proof of financial support
  • Valid passport
  • Identification documents

Your Immigration Consultant:

To apply for a visa or get any update regarding the immigration process, you need a consultant or an advisor. Best immigration consultants who help their clients to clarify their queries.

Immigration consultants help their clients apply for the required program, complete the application process and get the visa. In addition, They will help you to clarify your vision about the immigration policy and provide all required details about the university and scholarships.

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