Where to Invest Money | How to Get Good Returns

Profitable investments for people who have spare money and do not know what to do.

Where to Invest Money | How to Get Good Returns

Savings Deposit

This is not really an investment, but it is an option for many people because of the safety of savings products. Individuals and businesses deposit idle money in banks and enjoy interest rates without fear of risks. However, with the trend of interest rates decreasing to the current low level, this form is no longer attractive.

Securities Investment

Investors buy and sell securities on the stock market. By buying low-priced stocks, reselling high-priced stocks or enjoying dividends from stocks, investors will get the result of an increase in assets in value. However, there are many risks in this form when the stock prices increase or decrease continuously, causing investors to suffer value losses.

Real estate Investment

Investors buy land, houses and resell when real estate prices go up. In addition, many investors also choose to buy houses for rent to both keep the property and have additional income arising from that property. However, this form must have a very large amount of capital available to participate.

Invest in Gold

Investors buy physical gold or buy gold through the trading floor and hold to wait for the price to rise to sell. However, in the context that the world gold price is decreasing continuously due to the increasing pressure of the dollar, gold investment is no longer a profitable investment channel.

Invest in the Forex Market

Investors buy and sell currencies and take advantage of the difference in prices of currencies to make a profit. So investors must open an overseas trading account. This type of business also poses a great risk because currencies continuously change in price, leading to the possibility of losing investor control and causing devaluation.

Invest in an Investment Fund

This is a new form that has been introduced recently since 2013 when the open fund model appeared. Investors only need a minimum capital amount from 1 million to be able to buy fund certificates in stock and bond investment funds. This form of investment is safer than equity investment because the investment expertise is performed by the fund’s expert team, and the portfolio is also spread and distributed risk. However, investors are encouraged to hold long-term fund certificates to see better growth results.


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