What You Can Understand by Numerology?

Numerology interprets everything from the date of birth and name to the person’s inner self and fateful tendencies.


In numerology, children are thought to be connected to their parents at the soul level.

When a person is born in this world, he is born with a mission of his own choosing, and all events and environments are considered to be learning for happiness.

All of us humans were not born to their parents by chance, but the “time” and “time” that are appropriate to start the path of fulfilling our destiny in order to learn our tasks and unfinished karma. They are born by choosing “people”.

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From the moment a person is named, he emits the unique energy of the name and begins to act on him along with the cycle and characteristics of the flow of his date of birth.

In other words, the energy of the date of birth and the name creates qualities and talents, attracts specific people and events, and enables them to fulfill their destiny. However, in a long life, the name may change due to marriage.

What about this case?

Different numerologists have different ideas, but I believe that the energy of the name given at birth will continue to affect the life , even if the name changes in the middle of life. And I think that the energy of the new name will be added to the person by changing the name.

In numerology, the secret number of a person is calculated from the date of birth and first name, but for example, the number of births obtained by singular conversion of the date of birth and the number of surnames obtained from the name do not determine the person.

One person cannot be said to be everything from one side, and when he encounters an unknown event, he behaves unexpectedly from the deep-seated values that he was unaware of. In some cases, it may appear.

Of course, the number of births and the number of first and last names are the core secret numbers that represent the person, and if the same numbers as the secret numbers obtained in other items overlap, it may have a stronger effect, but that alone I don’t think I understood the person.

When trying to understand a human being (including himself) who has an endless inner world like the universe, it is important to take it as diversely as possible. “Where are we from? Who are we? Where are we going?


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