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Last week’s poll shows that Oppo can become a major player in the foldable smartphone market – the new Find N2 duo was received with praise and enthusiasm. However, only one stands a chance of making it big in the global market.

The Oppo Find N2 Flip will be available in many markets, though which ones and when are details that Oppo left for 2023. The flip foldable market doesn’t have too many entries – the Galaxy Z from Samsung and Razr from Motorola are the main competitors – but its gap-free design and reasonable dimensions will sure win many hearts.

Pricing is a concern as usual, foldables are just too expensive for some. The lack of water resistance is also seen as an issue. Still, if the Find N2 Flip reviews well, it can prove a popular pick among those looking for a flip foldable.

As far as we know the Oppo Find N2 will only be available in China. But if Oppo ever decides to bring it to new markets, the phone will win many people over with its dimensions that make it stand out in the horizontal foldable segment.

Weekly poll results: Oppo's Find N2 foldables excite, but availability is an issue

There were some complaints in the comments – the lack of an IP rating again, some concerns about software support and the removal of wireless charging. Even so the demand for the Find N2 is there, now it’s up to Oppo to figure out the supply side of the equation.

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