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Even the best parents feel a little overwhelmed sometimes. Often, it comes from being so attentive and dedicated.

So it was no surprise when Tori Roloff needed a break.

With all of the Roloff family discourse about Disneyland recently (yes, there’s been a lot), Tori taking a theme park trip made sense.

In the process, she received the sweetest, most precious little note from 5-year-old Jackson.

On her Instagram Story, Tori Roloff wrote that she had achieved her “bucketlist” after an all-moms adventure in Disneyland. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Tori Roloff enjoyed a Mom Trip to Disneyland.

Yes, she very recently visited the theme park — taking her precious children with her. Tori explained to critics (including Audrey, apparently) that the point was to make treasured memories for herself.

And she also took a solo trip to the theme park, getting a much deserved break.

Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff brought their children to experience some Disney magic in early 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

In the process of preparing for her solo trip, Tori found that one of her family members had given her something sweet.

“Late night Jackson packing note find,” Tori captioned her photo. She included three white heart emojis.

But the content of the note, printed by 5-year-old Jackson’s hand, is truly heart-melting and adorable.

This heartwarming handwritten note to Tori Roloff came from her eldest child, she shared. Adorable. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“I love you mom, have fun love Jackson,” the note begins.

Jackson’s precious message then continues: “Thanks for cleaning the house by Jackson.”

That is just such a sweet gesture for a 5-year-old (he will be 6 years old this spring!) to make. Not just the message, but that he wrote it and slipped it into her luggage. Too cute!

As patiently and sweetly as possible, Tori Roloff explained to critics that she will always treasure memories of her young children’s trip to Disneyland, even if they do not fully remember the trip. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Tori and two other moms enjoyed their adult trip to Disneyland. Though some of the weirdest people online tend to flip out about adults enjoying their lives without bringing kids as an excuse, it sounds like it was a great idea.

She enjoyed tasty treats in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s iconic silhouette. And Tori joked that she consumed “too much caffeine” while drinking an iced coffee.

Tori got to meet Minnie Mouse and Captain America. She and her two friends declared themselves to be “moms on the loose.”

In an Instagram Reel, Tori Roloff addressed why some people ask why she would take her children to Disneyland at such a young age. (Image Credit: Instagram)

The trio enjoyed heaping helpings of delicious food while they were out, and they got to stay up late.

It is so important for people to remember that moms are still people. The moms themselves especially need to keep this in mind.

We’re so glad that she was able to enjoy herself — and treasure little keepsakes like that sweet note from Jackson.

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