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Top Trump adviser and CPAC boss Matt Schlapp has been accused of sexually groping a male staffer from Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign.

NBC News reported:
Matt Schlapp, one of the nation’s most prominent conservative leaders and a top ally of former President Donald Trump, is being accused of sexually groping a male aide on Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s campaign in October.

“He reached in between my legs and fondled me,” the former Walker staffer told NBC News in a telephone interview Thursday night. “To my shame, I didn’t say anything” to stop Schlapp.


“From Manuel’s Tavern to the Hilton Garden Inn there at the Atlanta airport, he literally had his hands on me,” the staffer said in a video he recorded early in the morning of Oct. 20, just a couple of hours after the alleged incident. “Matt Schlapp of the CPAC grabbed my junk and pummeled it at length.”

Since Trump was told to get out of the White House by voters in 2020, Schlapp has risen from a media surrogate for Trump to a trusted close adviser to the failed former one-term president.

Schlapp is one of the people in the middle of Trump’s theft of classified documents that have been advising the former president to fight with the DOJ.

Matt Schlapp is also the head of the American Conservative Union because nothing says modern America First conservative like unwanted sexual touching which is the sort of behavior that almost seems to be a prerequisite for entry into Trump’s inner circle.

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