Top 5 Makeup Apps Which Women Like Most

This is the age of social media where face and appearance plays a very important role. It has become a viral trend for people to post pictures of their various activities on different social media platforms. It is now mandatory for people to look their best to create a buzz. Various apps, therefore, has been launched to enhance photographs. The initial apps came with the technology of editing the pictures, in terms of brightness, contrast, shapes etc. Now the technology has developed to such an extent that one can even improve or enhance the face details as they like to. One such kind of apps let the users, usually women, to perform makeup tricks on the pictures. It is now widely in use. Here are some widely used makeup apps.

Makeup Apps

Here are 5 Makeup Apps

YouCam Makeup

This is one of the most used apps in this category. This app provides its user with a wide range of editing facilities along with selfie filters. The app comes with features like a virtual makeover, makeup trials, skin analysis, makeup tutorials, and accessories. This app is editor’s choice and is rated 4.6 in play store.

Makeup Plus

This one is rated 4.4 in play store and comes with various features concerned with makeup. It can be called an all in one makeup app. It lets its user try on various makeup products, hair colours, shades to enhance their pictures. It also comes with makeup references from eminent fashion bloggers.


Another widely used makeup selfie app, liked by millions of people. Some of its features are like gorgeous filters, basic editing facilities, Photoshop facility, changeable resolution, and of course the facility of retouching makeup. The makeup feature is presently the most popular among users. It is rated 4.3 in play store.

Lakme Makeup Pro

It is the first official makeup app by Lakme, with advanced features like featuring the latest trends in makeup, updated fashion tips, look suggestions etc. It allows users to try on various makeup products and looks. It features original Lakme products that can be tried on virtually to better understand its effects. It has been rated 4 in play store.


It was initially a basic selfie camera with filters which now has developed its features to provide the users with further editing facilities. Some of its commonly used features are basic editing and retouching of photographs, trendy filters, auto beautification, magic brush etc. Millions of people use this app as its easy to use and come with fewer advertisements. It has been rated 4.4 in play store.

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These apps enable women to look their best. Taking pictures of various moments under any light, wearing any attire and during a bad hair day has become possible for people due to these apps. Now, one does not has to worry about how they look on a photograph as they can now edit it the way they like. Another example of technology, that has made life a bit more easy and fascinating.


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