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Easter is a time of celebration, and what better way to mark this joyous occasion than with a delicious spread of satisfying starters to decadent desserts?

Sit down with friends and family to watch the kids get excited over copious amounts of chocolate while you get a bit merry with our Easter drink recipes.

To keep the celebrations going from the start of the day to the end, why not also check out our most indulgent Easter brunch recipes and top 10 Easter lunch ideas?

Finally, Easter is as much about activities as it is about food. Think outside the box and keep children entertained with activities other than the usual Easter egg hunt with our top 10 Easter craft ideas.

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1. Asparagus soup

This vibrant green asparagus soup is a fantastic light starter to begin your Easter feast. It takes only 30 minutes to make from start to finish, but is also freezable, so you could simply reheat it for a fuss-free start to the meal. Serve with homemade bread, such as our delicious crusty bread.

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2. Greek bouyiourdi

Feta in a dish surrounded by onions and juices and topped with tomato slices

This baked feta with tomatoes, garlic and chilli is a beautiful, low-carb, vegetarian starter. Enjoy it with fluffy pitta bread to scoop up the flavourful juices, or keep it keto-friendly with our keto bread.

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3. Avocado panzanella

Tomatoes, avocado, onion, basil and bread on a tray with a spoon and fork

This delicious avocado Panzanella is a great healthy vegan starter that takes only 20 minutes to prepare and involves no cooking. However, bake your own ciabatta or crusty bread if you’d like to impress your guests.

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4. Creamy fish & leek pie

Fish pie with prawns and mash on top

Fish pie has become a firm family favourite as it’s both rich and comforting. Enhance it even further with the addition of king prawns to the filling, plus parmesan and cheddar cheese to the mash. Everyone’s going to want seconds!

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5. Beetroot & red onion tarte tatin

Beetroot tart topped with sundried tomatoes

This vegan beetroot & red onion tarte tatin is the perfect colourful, meat-free centrepiece. Using shop-bought puff pastry means it only takes 10 minutes to prepare.

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6. Greek roast lamb

Leg of lamb on a board next to a sauce and some veg

Serving eight people, this Greek roast lamb is perfect for entertaining a large crowd at Easter. With only 15 minutes of preparation time, there’ll be no slaving away in a hot kitchen.

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7. Baked new potatoes with wilted wild garlic

A bowl of baked new potatoes covered in wild garlic

Forage for seasonal wild garlic to make these incredible baked new potatoes. They’re a healthy vegetarian side that can serve up to six people. You can also replace the wild garlic with watercress if you’d prefer.

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8. Next-level cauliflower cheese

Baking dish of cauliflower cheese next to a bowl and wooden spoon

This next-level cauliflower cheese makes a rich and indulgent side dish. The parmesan, cheddar and spices in its sauce pair fantastically with the crunch and sweetness of the crispy onion and breadcrumb topping.

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9. Dauphinoise potatoes

Baking dish of dauphinoise potatoes with a chunk missing

Make our decadent dauphinoise potatoes for a mouth-watering side dish. Slow-cook slices of potatoes with cream, garlic and cheese, and watch as it bubbles and oozes. Follow along with our helpful video tutorial, perfect for absolute beginners and seasoned pros alike.

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10. Chocolate egg baked tart

Chocolate tart with a slice cut out, covered in golden eggs

This chocolate egg baked tart makes a fantastic, showstopping end to any meal despite being incredibly simple to make. Enjoy with a dollop of crème fraîche, or for extra indulgence, why not pair it with our ultimate vanilla ice cream?

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11. Chocca mocca caramel cake

Chocolate and caramel cake slice with mini eggs on top

This chocca mocca caramel cake is beautifully light and spongy with pockets of delicious melted chocolate caramel. Decorate with a handful of your favourite miniature easter eggs or broken pieces of full-sized eggs.

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12. Hot cross bun & butter pudding

Baking dish of hot cross bun bread and butter pudding with a chunk missing and a spoon in it

If you love bread and butter pudding, you’ll love this twist on the classic dish which uses hot cross buns instead. This is a great dessert to make with leftover buns or freshly baked buns – try our simple hot cross buns recipe.

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13. Mini egg martini

Martini glass with mini eggs and chocolate around the rim

Satisfy a nostalgic chocolate craving and enjoy this creamy Easter cocktail with moreish mini chocolate eggs and a splash of Irish cream.

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14. Rhubarb gin

Large jar of rhubarb gin with glasses of rhubarb gin and ice

Use seasonal rhubarb to make this G&T with a difference! Top the finished gin with soda water for a refreshing and gloriously pink springtime drink.

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15. Easy iced tea

Jug of lemon iced tea and two glasses of iced tea and mint

Make a jug of refreshing iced tea to rehydrate kids after a day spent running around hunting for Easter eggs. With a subtle tea flavour, oranges, lemons and mint, it’s also an excellent alcohol-free party drink, so adults will enjoy it too.

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