Top 10 free Guest Posting Websites to increase Traffic

Are you interested in becoming an expert at guest posting? You have come to the right place if you are looking for free guest posting sites in 2021. In this article, you will find the top 10 free guest posting websites. Our main focus is on multi-niche websites where bloggers can post their multiple guest posts. 


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1. | Write for us is a multi-niche guest posting website that allows you to post well-researched content on their website. You can also find information on the latest news and events. Any content related to business, finance, immigration, automobiles, lifestyle, travel, makeup, food, etc. They can post your content for an increased online presence. 

2. Guest Blogging | Write for us 

You can use guest blogging as a way of posting content that relates to technology, humor, or news. In order to rank well in the search engine results pages, your website needs a strong backlink profile, which means backlinks from high authority niche relevant quality sites. We are among the most trusted link building companies in the industry who specialise in creating high quality, authority backlinks for your business.

 3. Social Bookmarking 

It is possible to upload your content on this website if you follow their guidelines in order to increase traffic on the site. There are no fees associated with their guest posting services and they only accept content related to SEO with no follow links.

4. Google Doodle

 Guest Posts Instantly Approved at $1. Please carefully review our guidelines. Following these guidelines will assist you in getting your article approved. You will not be able to submit content to our website if it does not follow our guidelines.

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5. HubSpot

As well as being one of the best free guest posting sites, it’s the mecca for digital marketers and content professionals. HubSpot is a sales and marketing tool that assists businesses in generating traffic, converting leads, and generating revenue.


6. Mashable

 Founded in 2005 by Pete Cashmore, Mashable offers a range of multimedia content and technology. With 45 million users and a 521 global ranking on Alexa, it is one of the most popular contemporary trending websites. In addition to original content, the website’s core content covers niches like entertainment technology and digital culture.


7. Investopedia

All financial queries can be answered on this platform. Ranks 803 globally, it hosts a wealth of financial information for consumers, students, finance professionals, investors, and more.

8. Moz

It’s a company that was founded in 2004 which develops tools for measuring, monitoring, and evaluating a site’s search engine optimization. Furthermore, it makes the process of content marketing, link building, social media, and inbound marketing fairly easy for those who use it

9. Thought Catalog

One of these magazines focuses on youth culture and many of the stories it features revolve around love, loss, self-improvement, success, failure, etc.

Globally, they rank 2525. They also accept content republished elsewhere. There is no better platform to express your perspective than ThoughtCatalog for every individual to share their own experiences.

10. Miska is a platform where writers and publishers can upload their guest posts with backlinks. With fine worldwide traffic in Health, Technology, Business, and Education, the website enables authors to rank their keywords and see traffic increase on their keywords.


It is no longer simply the need of the hour to express your opinion; it is now seen as a strong individualistic quality and can also open many doors for you. LinkedIn, Quora, Medium, and the like are places where people constantly write to establish themselves among a professional network and exert influence. The right guest posting can also work wonders for you. Try it out.  

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