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Well, if you’re one of the Vanderpump Rules fans who was horrified to learn that Ariana Madix was still living with Tom Sandoval months after finding out about his affair with Raquel Leviss, it looks like we have some good news … maybe:

Ariana has finally moved out! Or so she claims. More on that later.

In any event, we’re sure Madix is taking some pleasure in the fact that Sandoval and Leviss have broken up.

Unfortunately that part is another mixed bag, as it seems that Tom is already dating someone new. Here’s what we know at the moment:

Ariana speaks her mind in a trailer for Vanderpump Rules Season 10. (Bravo)

Over the weekend, Madix was spotted loading boxes into a U-Haul outside of the Valley Village home where she lived happily with Tom for several years.

And someone claiming to be a friend of Ariana’s told Page Six that she was “relieved to get out of that house” and “ready to begin a new chapter.”

But it turns out that the whole scene was staged as part of Ariana’s new sponsored content deal with finance company SoFi.

Ariana Madix is living her best life after splitting from Tom Sandoval. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“I’m moving up, not out,” Madix later clarified in an ad on her Instagram Story.

“Well not yet at least. It’s time to get my financial house in order. I will have more to share with you very very soon.”

After Madix let the cat of the bag, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the boxes she was loading into the U-Haul had labels reading “Finances,” meaning that she was probably just filming a commercial.

Tom Sandoval has been caught cheating on Ariana Madix. But he might be able to make some money from his bad behavior! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

So it looks as though Ariana plans to continue living with Tom, a fact that’s bolstered the theory that the couple faked the Scandoval for ratings.

But if that’s the case, it seems that Tom didn’t get the memo.

According to multiple insiders, Sandoval is now dating Karlee Hale, a self-described influencer who makes her home in Austin, Texas.

Tom Sandoval is rumored to be dating Austin-based influencer Karlee Hale. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Hale and Sandoval have been spotted on dates in and around her native Austin, and Tom is often seen with a baseball hat pulled down low in an effort to hide his identity.

Needless to say, that tactic hasn’t been very effective.

It’s possible that he and Karlee are just friends, but regardless of what’s going on between them, it seems that Sandoval is indeed done with Raquel.

Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss. (Photo via Instagram) (Instagram)

Insiders say Leviss was the one who dumped Sandoval, though her reasons for ending the relationship remain mysterious.

“Raquel dipped out. Sandoval is not for her,” one source told Page Six.

Maybe Raquel watched the Vanderpump Season 10 finale and realized that Sandoval has a long history of cheating on his partners.

Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss attend the “Vanderpump Rules” Party For LALA Beauty on June 30, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)

Or maybe she just got sick of dating a dude who’s subjected to taunts of “worm with a mustache” every time he leaves the house.

Whatever the case, she certainly dodged a bullet!

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