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The folks at Telegram are sending off 2022 with yet another one of their sizable feature dumps. The latest update adds a bunch of new features, including spoiler formatting for media, new drawing tools, zero storage usage, and more.

Along with being able to add spoiler formatting for text, Telegram now lets add spoiler formatting for images and videos as well. This appears as a shimmering layer with a blur on top of the media, which hides the content unless the user taps on it.

New storage management features let you configure separate auto-remove settings for cached media from Private Chats, Groups, and Channels – with exceptions for specific chats. Pie charts show you what’s taking up space and the time to load the pie chart has been significantly reduced on iOS.

The app now also includes updated drawing tools, with a new blur tool and 5 high-precision color tools, including a new eyedropper tool. Drawing tools automatically change width based on drawing speed and automatically smoothe lines. Text size, font, and background can be changed when adding on photos or videos, and custom animated emoji are available even for non-Telegram Premium users.

You can now also set a custom profile picture for your contacts, which will show up just for you. The picture can also be suggested to your contact, so they can set it for themselves with two taps. You can also have a public profile picture for your account, which can be separate from the one you have for your contacts.

Group admins can now hide members in groups with 100+ members. This way, your presence in the group will not be visible to anyone other than the admin unless you post.

Remaining changes include new progress animations on Android when jumping to specific points in the chat, 10 new animated emoji pack for Premium users, and more interactive emoji, including 🎅🎄☃️💅🗿🆒🤪.

The update is now live on Android and iOS.


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