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TLC is dipping its toes back into the polygamous waters.

Coming off the success of Sister Wives and then Seeking Sister Wife, the network just released the first trailer for Seeking Brother Husband.

You can likely guess the premise of this show, can’t you?

The cast will be comprised of four couples that are at different stages of their relationships, as viewers chronicle their search to find a new husband.

In the official preview, we see woman describe polyandry as “the practice of one woman having multiple husbands, but those husbands cannot have any other partners.”

She has just married her second husband when we meet here and she is navigating the challenging transition… both for herself and for both her partners.

“To do this lifestyle successfully, you have to be willing to go outside of your own comfort zones,” she explains.

Another wife, meanwhile, is in the market for a third husband.

At one point in the footage, she’s asked by one of her current spouses if she’s truly prepared for the change:

“How are you gonna juggle three guys like that?” he asks, while the other husband tells her he feels he’s been “swapped out” because she’s exploring new connections.

“I’m just not having a good time right now,” the sole wife says in a confessional.

The third couple featured in the promo is just starting to delve into the world of polyandry.

We hear from a wife who says that while many people assume that having “multiple male partners” is “just about sex,” even this is “definitely not” the case for her.

Later, she calls out the “double standard” women face when it comes to polyandry, whether it’s being labeled a “slut” for having numerous partners or being described as someone who “sleeps around.”

She’s prepared to bring on another mate, but her husband appears to be less certain about the whole thing.

“It wouldn’t be easy,” he says when she asks what he would think if he saw her kissing or holding hands with someone else.

The fourth couple is already established as a polyandrous relationship, as Kim’s first husband tells her second husband:

“You were the first man I let my partner, Kim, be with.”

Later, via confessional, this dude is asked if he’s okay with his wife sleeping with other men.

“Most of the time,” he claims.

In another clip, his wife breaks down while talking to her second husband as she tells him: “I wish I could be everything that you need, but I can’t.”

Seeking Brother Husband premieres on TLC in March.

Will you be tuning in???

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