Secrets You Didn’t Know About Ancient Olympics

Shocking Details about Ancient Olympics Opening Ceremonies

The tradition of spectacular opening ceremonies for ancient Olympics has been maintained to the present age. Where they differ is that during the ancient games, people were allowed to practice or get engaged in prostitution, doping and sacrifices to ancient gods openly. It is difficult to imagine the same traditions being practiced in the modern games. This is because of the different religious beliefs and cultural practices of people. The world has become more diverse such that it may not be easy to make everybody do the same thing on one stage at the same time.

One of the secrets you didn’t know about ancient Olympics is that what has come to be known as the Olympic torch was never used. It is purely a modern invention which the ancient people and athletes never practiced. Whereas modern games have opening ceremonies which focus on appreciation for culture and technological advancements of the hosting nation, the ancient ones placed too much emphasis on perverse prostitution. Broken bones were also used in addition to a lot of animal sacrifices made to appease the gods. Doping was not discouraged in any way at all.

Which Ancient Olympics Traditions Still Exist


A number of the ancient Olympics traditions have been discarded due to the presence of people with different ideals and cultures at these games. However, some have been left intact and are still practiced to date without any problem. One of these traditions is where these games are held after every four years. This was the norm from 776 B.C and went on until 394A.D during which time these games were the longest running antiquity events. The games attracted a large number of people and this has continued to the present where thousands attend and billions watch on TV.

Reasons Why Ancient Olympics Never Died

One of the reasons why ancient Olympics never died is that people loved them for the sporting aspect. It gave thousands of people the chance to take part in various disciplines and compete with other excellent athletes. Others came to watch their favorite athletes compete against the best in their field. The history of these games shows that they were also organized as religious events. A large percentage of the people that came here did so for religious reasons, to worship Zeus for whose honor they were held. Its sanctity and traditions created an attractive aura.

Differences between Ancient Olympics and Modern Olympics

The one major area of difference between the modern and ancient Olympics is the absence of religious aspect. The ancient games were primarily in honor of Zeus while the modern version is about friendship, culture and competition. In the ancient times, athletes had to take an oath using boar’s blood that they would compete fairly without any undue advantage. These days, athletes do not take oaths but it is assumed that none has any advantage over the other. These days if you get caught using substances that boost your chances of winning chances, you are disqualified.

Ancient Olympics saw athletes competing while completely nude. Women were not allowed to take part in the games while married ladies were banned from entering the venue where Olympic events were held. People attending the games were not charged any entrance fees. This is in stark contrast to the modern day where the cost of tickets for attending Olympics games is beyond the reach of many people.


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