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Samsung Display demoed a smartphone OLED panel that achieved a peak brightness greater of over 2,000 nits at CES 2023. The UDR (Ultra Dynamic Range) 2,000 luminance mark was certified by UL Solutions and represents the pinnacle of Samsung’s mobile display tech. The peak brightness value also matches the newly announced S95C and S90C quantum dot OLED TVs.

Samsung Display also secured a UDR 1,500 nits luminance rating on its new panel. Samsung claims the new UDR panel shows more realistic and rich colors that will be especially noticeable in outdoor use.

It remains to be seen which Samsung phone will debut the new UDR smartphone display though chances are high it could be the upcoming Galaxy S23 series. Samsung Display already supplies OLED panels for Apple whose iPhone 14 Pro series boast up to 2,000 nits peak brightness for HDR content.


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