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House Republicans almost erupted into violence as several of them tried to physically attack Matt Gaetz after his vote denied Kevin McCarthy the speakership.

Video of Rep. Mike Rogers going after Gaetz:

The scene from the House floor:

McCarthy then went straight over to Gaetz and they had a very heated conversation that ended with McCarthy being overheard saying, “We’ll do it again:”

McCarthy’s side thought that they had won when Gaetz voted present, but they had miscounted the votes and were still one vote short.

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Matt Gaetz has sworn that Kevin McCarthy will never get his vote, so if it comes down to him, McCarthy could be screwed.

At some point, McCarthy’s supporters are going to crack and get tired of the endless votes that go nowhere. How many more times is Kevin McCarthy going to be allowed to fail before House Republicans pull the plug?

They thought it was over. Now they are stuck in the House for at least one more vote. It is being reported that Gaetz wants to adjourn until Monday, but if Kevin McCarthy doesn’t get this done tonight, it is fair to suspect that it will never happen.

The House is bordering on violence, as everyone appears to be at the end of their rope.


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