RAM Drain Android Application That Makes Smartphone Speed Slow

Applications That Make Android Smartphones Slow – The foundation of the last decade, has become the culmination of smartphones in the midst of society around the world. Even in the coming years, there hasn’t been any sign of declining activity associated with this smartphone. Smartphones transform themselves into commercial goods that are no less important than basic necessities. The world’s need for smartphones has never even been predicted to explode like it is today.

Almost certainly, all people have this type of cellphone. From children to adults, from ordinary people to officials need this smart communication tool. These are the facts Smartphones are so symptomatic.

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However, the smart performance embedded in a smartphone is not entirely true. Why is that. Yes, one of them is that loading is long or slow is still a disease that undermines his intelligence. Anyone wants to use a smartphone that is fresh and fast to make online activities easier. It is very annoying when it is constrained by the slow performance of the smartphone even though the activities must be resolved immediately.

Now for those of you who feel the slow loading of a smartphone, it is better if you listen to the following article about what Android applications make smartphones slow .

List of Android Applications that Make Smartphones Slow


The most popular application is currently still held by Facebook. This social networking application seems to be a mandatory application for every smartphone. In fact, there are many cellphone outlets that dare to directly embed Facebook in their prospective smartphone applications. So no doubt, the popularity of Facebook is always maintained. However, there are drawbacks that you deserve to be aware of. That it turns out that this application is very wasteful of battery and wasteful of storage capacity in memory. So that it can slow down smartphone performance.

Facebook Messenger

Not much different from the main application, Facebook Messenger also affects RAM memory usage and wastes power consumption. Users can just choose one of them, but we can be sure, smartphone performance will still slow down if you are not wise to use it.

Weather application

The next application that makes smartphones slower is the weather application. The periodic updates that it displays are indeed one of the attractiveness of users to use it. However, this is what causes the smartphone battery to run out quickly and adds update memory which slows down smartphone performance.

Anti Virus

The function of this application is very clear, namely preventing the entry of viruses or malware into the smartphone operating system. Any data in it will be safe using this application. However, again this is one of the few applications that makes smartphone batteries run out quickly. It is wiser to use a smartphone online by browsing officially and reliably so that viruses are not easily infiltrated. So there is no need to update anti-virus regularly which can slow down smartphone work.

Cleaner application

Applications such as Clean Master, Speed Booster, CC Cleaner and the like are very good at cleaning up memory waste on smartphones. But again, this application is not good at maintaining the availability of battery power. In addition, the memory and cache capacities that it presents are not small. This is the reason for the smartphone being slow.

Browser application

The default browser from Android turns out to also increase cache memory and waste battery. Besides also wasteful of quotas. Better not to use it and use a browser from Opera Mini or Chrome which can be formatted to reduce data usage.

Battery Saver App

Make no mistake if after using a smartphone battery saver type application it becomes slow. This is because some of the features on the smartphone have stopped. Especially the battery-intensive features. So that the smartphone does not run normally as before.

Application or Widget on Homescreen

The more applications or widgets on the homescreen, the smartphone will slow down even more. This is due to the use of the internet to activate its features. Call it a weather widget, news, air temperature and more. When everything is active this is what makes the smartphone even slower.


This selfie-loving application also has its drawbacks. In addition to wasteful of quota, the Instagram application is also wasteful of battery. The image feature that it displays requires a lot of cache memory which can slow down smartphone performance.

BlackBerry Messenger

This application, which is increasingly sinking in popularity, is also one of the applications that makes smartphones slow. Besides that, it is very wasteful in power consumption. So that the speed of the smartphone decreases so that it is easy to load.


The popularity of this messenger application is now getting higher and side by side with a line of similar top applications. There is no need to doubt its performance, because it is very easy and fast to connect with anyone. But again, his database cache requires a large amount of memory so that it can reduce smartphone performance, especially for smartphones with low RAM Memory.

File Sharing Application

This application relies on excellence in making it easier for users to share various kinds of files between smartphones. Users don’t have to bother downloading or copying the files they want. Simply pair the smartphone through this application. However, the use of other features such as bluetooth and an internet connection network makes smartphones slow down even more.

The advantage that a smartphone has as a smart phone is not in question. The features that are presented are able to make users unable to get away from it. However, behind the existing advantages, it turns out that there are not a few that make users uncomfortable. And the above application features are some of the things that make smartphones slower.

As a user, you don’t necessarily have to let go of the above applications, but only use them wisely to make them more comfortable to use. That is the article about a row of applications that make smartphones slow . Hopefully useful and still wise in using it.


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