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Powerhouse is a not-for-profit organization committed to creative expression. Housed in a purpose-built facility in Brooklyn, the organization hosts an extended network of art and fabrication professionals and educators who work together to co-create and share artistic practices vital to the wellbeing of artists and the communities to which they belong.

The Community Ceramic Studio will provide robust facilities and resources for experienced ceramic artists with a staff dedicated to providing guidance and support in navigating the studio and equipment. Our state-of-the-art equipment offers access to a variety of processes including wheel throwing, sculpture/hand-building, slip-casting, 3D printing, custom decal printing, electric, gas, and occasional raku firings. The shop’s gas and electric kilns vary greatly in size and the facilities are conducive to both small- and large-scale work.

The program supports communal knowledge-sharing while providing a safe environment where artists can focus on their craft and accomplish long-term projects.

Powerhouse Arts aims to foster a multicultural and inclusive community for ceramic artists. The space is calm, bright, and quiet, supporting a productive work environment. The organization prioritizes a healthy, safe, and ergonomic workspace by supplying fresh clean air, dust extraction, and equipment that can aid physically intensive processes. Most table heights and equipment are accessible to users with wheelchairs.

Powerhouse welcomes early applicants to participate in a pre-launch phase, offering reduced hours of operation at a 15% discount beginning January 15. The program will launch in full later this spring.

The hours of operation for the pre-launch period are as follows:

  • Monday–Wednesday, 9am–5pm
  • Thursday–Friday, 9am–10pm
  • Saturday–Sunday, 11am–7pm

Please visit powerhousearts.org for additional program details, shop equipment and offerings, FAQs, and to submit your application to participate in the program.

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