Men Review: Ex Machina Director’s Latest Goes Big With With Symbolism And Body Horror

In his first two directorial efforts, Alex Garland made two films with science-fiction as the primary genre, but horror is one of the key components in their brilliance. The plot of Ex Machina emphasizes meditations on the subject of artificial intelligence, and its tone is driven by the terror that comes from isolation, deception, and suspicion. Annihilation features the exploration of a new biological landscape following the arrival of an extraterrestrial entity, and some of its most memorable sequences are utterly bone chilling in depicting mutation and metamorphosis.

For his third film, Men, Garland takes a new approach. An embrace of the fantastical replaces the cold reality depicted in his previous work, and having the audience confront specific fears is made the primary focus. Not sacrificed in the slightest is his inventiveness as a storyteller, though, as the movie is a brilliantly layered allegory that examines gender relationships in our world. And while it’s not quite as phenomenal and engaging as the writer/director’s first two features, it’s an execution of awesome cinematic vision that delivers spectacular body horror in its finale that will drop the jaw of every genre fan.

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Author: Trina Lanning

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