Mailu Island: Location, Facts, History and Culture

Location, Facts, History and Culture

There are many places in the world which are still unknown to humans and one such place is Mailu Island which is known very less by Humans. The location, facts and historical details of this Mailu Island are very interesting and to known about the culture of the people is mind blowing. Now we are going to learn some of the incredible facts of Mailu Island.

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Location and facts of Mailu Island

This Awesome island is located at Central Province, Papua New Guinea and it lies nearly 250km ESE from Port Moresby and hence considered as Remote region for humans. It has been inhabited since olden days and is located 8 km south of the New Guinea coast where crops and trees such as coconut, betel and sugar cane are grown. To be precise Mailu Island is situated between Turtle Back Island and Laluoro. Landmarks such as Uruio Rock are found in Mailu Island.

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History and Culture of Mailu Island

Like the treasure island Mailu island was also discovered by an expedition group called  Luís Vaez de Torres, a Spanish team. They visited the island on August 24, 1606 and it was cartographed as san Bartolome. the neighboring lands areas of Mailu Island was called as Magna Margarita by the Spaniards to honor the queen of the Spain who reigns that time whose husband was  Philip III, Margaret and this this name prevails for that island. Also the people dwelling in the island were called as Ratiles by that Spanish group.

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The Mailu Island was visited by many big experts in various fields. Especially the island was visited by Bronislaw Malinowski and an Austrian named Hugo Bernatzik who were anthropologist, the Austrian was also a photographer in 1914 and 1932 respectively to discover the mysteries in the island and to research on culture and resources on Mailu Island. Based on the Bernatzik published an book on the people and culture of Mailu island in which he described as people as good, skilled and talented natives. The houses and boats constructed by the people were a good example for their art. Many pictures of the people, Island and their work are also taken by the explorers.


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