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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way watched uncomfortably as Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera accused each other of lying and scamming on the Tell All Part 2.

This couple was likely this season’s biggest disappointment. They weren’t the only breakup, but seeing them not workout was actually sad.

Since very early in Season 4, a certain vocal segment of fans have circulated a conspiracy theory that Kris is a pill-seeking “addict” who “lies” about her injuries and chronic pain.

Is that just a viewer theory like any other, or an ableist smear campaign? Kris is finally speaking out in rebuttal.


Because Kris Foster has experienced multiple car accidents, she has serious damage to her spine, particularly around her neck.

She will eventually require expensive surgery that will effectively take her out of commission for months — leaving her unable to work most jobs, and require her to wear a metal brace for a year.

As a result, she suffers from chronic pain. And she does not always know when it will flare up, or how long the debilitating agony will last.


As anyone familiar with chronic conditions like this knows, most sufferers have “good days” and “bad days.”

In fact, some will overexert themselves on good days in a misguided effort to “make up” for missed time. Obviously, this can backfire, making another bad day come sooner — and be worse.

To outsiders, people can end up at a loss to understand how the person who just accomplished so many things last week is now bedridden. But it is, unfortunately, how these conditions often afflict people.


However, some viewers — people who, frankly, had already decided that they disliked Kris — her explanation of being in a series of car accidents was not enough. Some even doubted her narcolepsy.

When they saw her suffering in pain some days but recovered on others, some fans invented something that made more sense to them. Or perhaps simply entertained them more.

The theory? That Kris was a pill-popper who claimed to be in pain to get medications. The theory went on to claim that Kris’ illness in Colombia was not about her neck, but “withdrawal.” Just to be clear, there is not any evidence for this.


On Saturday, May 20, an Instagram commenter asked Kris: “There’s a bunch of people over in Jeymi’s posts talking about you being an addict. Any response to that?”

“People can talk all they want,” Kris replied bluntly.

“They don’t know the first thing about me,” she noted. “They only know how the tv [producers] want them to portray me.”


“I ain’t sweating anything that people say..” Kris noted. However, she did have some counterpoints to offer.

“If you knew me you would know I’ve had more than a dozen people put in jail for breaking into my home all addicted,” she revealed. Remember, she lives in a very rural, small town.

Kris added: “I’ve buried most of my friends from school drug addicts, I was beaten as a child by a drug addict.”


“This one’s the kicker though!!!” Kris shared. “I raised a baby from one week till one year that was born addicted to cocaine and suffered with illness and tremors.”

The infant’s issues were at a point “where all I could do was hold her tight and rock and sing to her to calm her.”

Kris continued: “Then after a year I had to give her back to a parent that was still an addict!! Worst feelings all around!!”


“Sad that a sleep disorder and bad injuries,” Kris went on, adding “mind you I rolled my car three months before filming which reinjured my neck.”

She wrote that it was sad that this “makes me a horrible person drug addict whatever” in some people’s eyes.

“But I laugh at this: if I’m this horrible person and all these people are sitting around running their mouths about me,” Kris observed, “what’s that say about their lives??”


“I’ve not said anything negative to anyone and won’t,” Kris asserted.

“Had plenty of opportunities lol,” she noted. “I just block and delete from my personal pages.”

She takes this wise route “because they are mine and I like my happy awesome people on them!!”

Replying to a comment on her Instagram post, Kris Foster hit back at wild rumors claiming that she is a “drug addict.” (Instagram)

“No negativity in my little social media world!” Kris declared.

“Just don’t have the time or the f–ks to give!!” she concluded. “Lol sorry for cursing!!”

It was always bad that people chose to spin ableist conspiracy theories instead of just admitting that they didn’t like someone. But given Kris’ history, it sounds extra cruel.

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