Klipsch’s new magic trick: make your Dolby Atmos soundbar invisible

Klipsch makes big speakers – back in the early days of hi-fi, the company was known for its refrigerator-size models that, like cinema sound systems, used horns to generate maximum output from the vacuum-tube amplifiers common during that era. Flash-forward to the present, and the brand still uses horn-loaded speaker drivers – but now to deliver a distinct Klipsch sound in Dolby Atmos soundbars.

Few people who have listened to a Klipsch-based system would be disappointed with its performance. But there’s no getting around the reality that both the company’s speakers and soundbars take up a fair amount of living room real estate.

A new partnership aims to change that situation, with a press release that Klipsch circulated this week announcing “a strategic partnership to develop a new line of Klipsch home audio solutions integrating Resonado Labs technologies.” 

Klipsch Resonado Labs partnership announcement

The Klipsch Resonado Labs partnership was announced at a joint press conference. (Image credit: Klipsch)

Just who is this Resonado Labs, and what are they bringing to the table? “Identifying an opportunity to deliver full frequency sound in small form factor speakers led to the development and patenting of our core technology,” said Brian Cho, Resonado Labs founder and CEO, in Klipsch’s release. That tech is called Res-Core motor, and it’s the driving force behind the Klipsch-Resonado Labs alliance’s plan to “define the next era of audio by developing a line of products engineered to deliver the highest output possible in sleek and compact form factors.”

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