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Twice on Tuesday, Speaker Kevin McCarty discussed the debt limit bill in a way that sounded like he was trying to force children to get jobs.

Here is McCarthy on Fox and Friends:

McCarthy said, “In this family, we have a child, able bodies, no kids sitting on the couch collecting welfare. We’re going to put work requirements on that individual so that he’s going to have to go get a job.”

McCarthy later, while talking to reporters repeated his clumsy language:

The work requirement in the agreement applies to able-bodied childless adults age 18-55, who are receiving SNAP. Those people make up roughly 7% of SNAP recipients.

McCarthy was suggesting that able-bodied people getting SNAP is a widespread issue. It’s not. The work requirement that McCarthy is touting is virtually meaningless.

Forget soccer practice, you’re going to work after school.

Kevin McCarthy has so badly bungled this entire process that it makes perfect sense that he would be out there making it sound like the budget agreement is pro-child labor.

If the budget deal makes it through the House, it will do so despite Kevin McCarthy, not because of him.


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