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Just days ago, Paul Staehle announced that Karine Martins will soon regain custody of their sons, Pierre and Ethan.

For about a year and a half, Karine has only had visitations with their children. (For Paul, it has been closer to one year)

However, apparently someone has been pulling out all of the stops to prevent this.

An unidentified person has accused Karine of drug use, specifically to prevent a custody change. But Karine is clapping back — and can prove that it’s untrue.

In this black and white photo, Karine Martins offers a slight smile in a car. (Instagram)

Over the weekend, and right on the heels of Paul Staehle’s curious custody news, Karine Martins shared a message with her followers.

“The person comes to tell lies about me,” she began vaguely.

“Little does he know that I take drug and alcohol tests,” Karine then taunted in her Saturday, May 20 post.

Taking to her Instagram page, Karine Martins mocked an unnamed person accusing her of drug use. (Instagram)

“Have a good day,” Karine concluded her caption. Perhaps with sarcastic intentions, but perhaps not.

Meanwhile, her post included a screenshot that displayed an appointment confirmation at a local health center.

Why? Because that is where she undergoes regular drug testing as part of her efforts to show the court that she is not an unfit mother.

90 Day Fiance alum Karine Martins holds her young son, Ethan Staehle, whose milestones she has missed during this ongoing custody situation. (Image Credit: Instagram) (Instagram)

Now, Karine did not go into any specifics when defending herself.

She simply clapped back at the unknown person or persons behind some alleged accusations.

But it’s looking like she may have been taking aim at members of Paul’s family.

On his Instagram Story, Paul Staehle has often updated followers on his life. Even when he really, really shouldn’t. (Instagram)

In his own Instagram, Paul Staehle opened up about some custody dynamics that none of us knew before this past weekend.

“Karine was previously getting more visitation with our children at my cousin’s home,” Paul shared.

“Unfortunately, numerous times she was belittled and yelled at by [Paul’s cousin’s] husband,” he lamented.

Paul Staehle makes Cameo announcement with Karine Martins
For years, Paul Staehle and Karine Martins have been fairly transparent on social media. Well, mostly just Paul. For better or for worse. (Instagram)

Paul wrote that this had the effect of “making her cry and leave her visit early.”

Somehow, he then revealed, someone “removed” Karine’s access to viewing Pierre and Ethan’s online medical records.

Eventually, she regained access … only to learn that Paul’s cousin had been “filing complaints with [Pierre’s] mental health professional.”

Little Pierre Staehle and Ethan Staehle walk through the autumn leaves in 2022. (Instagram)

These complaints allegedly claimed that “Pierre was terrified of Karine and visits were mentally harming him.”

The request? That any and all contact and visitation “be terminated with Karine.”

As a result, Karine had a new visitation schedule that gave her even less time with her sons.

90 Day Fiance alum Karine Martins got to spend quality time during a permitted visit with sons Pierre Staehle and Ethan Staehle. (Instagram)

“Karine’s visits were since assigned to be supervised at a CPS facility for one hour, one day a week,” Paul then detailed.

These were appointments “where my cousin would be late, giving Karine under an hour with them,” he lamented.

“The good news,” Paul shared, “is the CPS-assigned visitation supervisor has noted the positive interaction with Karine and our children.”

From time to time, Paul Staehle seems to just … take off running. Viewers do not really understand it. (TLC)

“Proving my cousin’s statements were false,” Paul told his followers.

“I discovered from other family, [That my cousin] insists only her to be called mom,” he revealed.

“And,” Paul accused, “becomes irate if they call Karine mom.” If that (admittedly indirect) info from Paul is true, it sounds toxic and horrifying.

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