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Early this year, we reported on the 90 Day Fiance couples who filmed some sort of “All Stars” spinoff in the Florida Keys.

One of the couples there was Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya. Frankly, one of the least contentious pairs in play.

Now, Yara is dropping hints about when fans — and critics — can expect to see her and her husband (and Mylah?) back on TV.

It doesn’t sound like we’ll have a long wait.

On Tuesday, March 28, the beautiful Yara Zaya answered 90 Day Fiance fan questions during an Instagram Q&A.

Taking to her Story posts to reply, Yara received the question: “When are we seeing you on TV again?”

Her answer? “Soon.” Or, rather, “Soooon. …” Her emoji response seemed to indicate good humor, perhaps in reply to the fan’s pleading eyes emoji.

In a Q&A session with followers on Tuesday, March 28, Yara Zaya told fans that they will see her again on television “soooon.” (Image Credit: Instagram)

The first assumption that most fans might make is a very natural one.

Are Yara and Jovi returning for another season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

They are one of the more balanced, normal couples — they love each other, neither of them are scammers, they’re age-appropriate, neither of them are at war with the other’s culture or in-laws. So they do make sense for a returning couple to counter the more “wild” couples.

We wouldn’t call Yara and Jovi all-time fan favorites in the series, no matter how much we personally like them. They are, however, much more popular and likable than many of their castmates have proven.

Jovi acquitted himself extremely well during the latest Tell All. And many viewers find Yara sympathetic, funny, and drop-dead gorgeous.

In other words, they’re the sort of couple who might find an audience even without obnoxious castmates screaming during the same episodes.

So some fans have bandied about the idea of these two getting an After The 90 Days spinoff like David and Annie and like Loren and Alexei.

This kind of show follows established couples who love each other — who attract enough viewers just by living their lives, without the uncertainty and drama of the main shows.

We’d love that … but these two aren’t franchise veterans yet. So that would be premature. For now.

So what’s the safest bet for Jovi and Yara’s return to television? Well, it’s still this franchise (there was another topic, but we’ll get to that later).

Earlier this year, a group of 90 Day Fiance stars — from villains like Angela and Big Ed to likable cast members like Kalani, and more — filmed something at a resort in the Florida Keys.

Reports say that it’s a Marriage Boot Camp style couples counseling spinoff. And, given the timing, it’s possible that Angela and Michael’s latest breakup went down around this time. (Tragically, they’re back together) Among the cast were Yara and Jovi.

So that is the most likely vehicle by which Yara and Jovi will return to our screens.

That said, it is not the only one. They could be coming back for another season. That is what Happily Ever After? is for.

Meanwhile, Yara has shot down the idea that she will branch into another reality series on another reality network.

Bravo has an upcoming The Real Housewives of new Orleans series.

Yara is classy, well-dressed, and funny. She is also reasonably famous.

Very sensibly, a lot of fans pointed out that she could be a natural fit for the show.

However, Yara has shot down this idea. Either she’s not doing it, or she’s extremely good at keeping secrets.

She is under the mistaken impressions that all Housewives are mega-rich (most of them are rich, some are mega-rich, and a few have surprisingly normal net worths). Yara also believes, in error, that Housewives do not have their own jobs.

Despite her misconceptions about the Bravo hit franchise, it sounds like she won’t be signing up.

We will be excited to see Yara and Jovi again. But our hope is that their lives will not be overly dramatic.

They love each other, and we love them. We love little Mylah, and we love Mrs. Gwen (Gwen Eymard, Jovi’s mom, is a true fan-favorite).

As much as we want these two on our screens, we’d probably rather see everyone getting along off-camera than fighting on camera.

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