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Tiger King star Joe Exotic is behind bars where he belongs. He has decades remaining on his sentence.

Whether he is frothing at the mouth over Carole Baskin or trying to partner with 90 Day Fiance grifters for freedom, he still has lines of communication to the outside world.

Naturally, Joe has used these to find yet another fiance for himself.

When he dies, that much-younger hottie will inherit all of Joe’s worldly goods. And, given that Joe has signed a DNR, it sounds like he won’t exactly be fighting to stay alive.

Joe Exotic Mugshot
Joe Exotic will likely remain in prison for the next couple of decades. But he’s still finding ways to stir up controversy on the inside.

Few things in life are certain. That absolutely includes death.

That, TMZ reports, is why Joseph Maldonado-Passage, better known as the infamous Joe Exotic, has signed a new will.

Part of this legal document leaves everything to his most recent fiance. And part of it instructs first responders to not revive him if he is on the brink of death.

Joe Exotic and Friend
The saga of Joe Exotic has captured the hearts of a quarantined nation. Now, Cardi B is working to ensure that Joe gets the happy ending he deserves.

Prison phone calls are not protected under a presumption of privacy. In one of Joe’s phone calls, he made his intentions clear.

He wants the entirety of his estate to go to fiance Seth Posey in the event of his death.

If Seth dies, Seth’s son Cameron will inherit it all. Joe specifically doesn’t want his enemies or exes to get anything. But wait … who is Seth, exactly?

This is Seth Posey, who has attracted a lot of suspicion over his dubious relationship with the infamous Tiger King star. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Seth Posey and Joe Exotic met online. That much matches up with many couples. The rest is less typical.

The two first met in 2021, after Seth won Joe’s “Bachelor King” competition … it was a contest to become his next boyfriend.

Later, they went their separate ways (Joe was in prison the entire time), and Joe made plans to marry fellow inmate John Graham. After Graham left prison, however, Joe and Seth somehow rekindled whatever it was that they had.

Joe Exotic is going through yet another breakup. The Tiger King has called off his engagement to a fellow inmate.

Joe’s will contains more than just a pledge of all of his worldly possessions to a hunky younger man.

He has also signed a DNR order — “do not resuscitate.” If he were to go into cardiac arrest, for example, he wishes to receive no extraordinary life-saving measures like CPR.

Apparently, he sounds frustrated with how long he has been in prison. Notably, he has barely made a dent into his sentence.

Meet Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic from the new Netflix Docuseries, “Tiger King” poses with one of his tigers. The show chronicles his downfall and his 22-year federal prison sentence for his murder-for-hire scheme on Carole Baskin in 2017 and for multiple violations of wildlife laws.

“I am sick of people standing in line waiting to collect my stuff,” Joe griped to TMZ.

He shared that he considers these people to be vultures, which is why he is leaving everything to Seth. Who is, what, in this for love? Okay. Sure.

Joe also has a very specific vision for what he wants his funeral to be like.

But at 59, Joe could certainly survive for another 20 years, completing his sentence.

Astonishingly, he continues to insist that authorities were “wrong” and claims that they’re afraid to admit as much.

Oh, he also ranted and rambled about how much he hates Carole Baskin, Jeff Lowe, and James Garretson. According to Joe, the three of them “can all go to hell.” Charming.

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