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EAGAN, Minn. — NFL owners are set to extend Roger Goodell’s contract through 2027, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay said from the league’s spring meeting Tuesday.

Owners discussed the commissioner’s contract but did not finalize anything Tuesday.

“It’s not extended today, that’s for sure,” Goodell said when asked for his reaction to a looming new deal.

Goodell, 64, added “I love my job” and he has “no doubt” that both sides would complete the deal.

“It’s just dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s but it’s done,” said Irsay. “We still have to rubber stamp it so to speak but its virtually done.

“He’s done so much for the league with stability. No one bats 100. It’s a tough job, but he’s been a hard worker and worked very hard for the NFL and its success.”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported in March that the league and Goodell were expected to finalize a multiyear extension. Goodell, whose current contract runs to 2024, has served as league commissioner since 2006.

Goodell said the notion of splitting the commissioner duties into two roles — one as a CEO, another handling more of the on-field matters — is a talking point among league officials and owners.

“It’s a healthy discussion to have. The job changes over the years,” Goodell said. “It’s changed ever since I’ve been the commissioner. I know we will have the discussions at the appropriate time.”

The new contract will also afford the league the opportunity to groom a potential replacement for Goodell should he decide to walk away in 2027.

“No question, he’s going to be involved and have options to stay on as a consultant and help us develop his list, what he thinks are the best people,” added Irsay. “He’ll be with us through it. The contract will speak to that. We’ll look for his contribution every way possible, how he can help us find the next commissioner or CEO and commissioner, however we feel the league needs to be set up going forward.”

ESPN’s John Keim contributed to this report

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