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If you ask us, Isabel Roloff should feel cute every day.

But she doesn’t. Not every day, as a result of body image issues that have increased since she became a mom.

And she is open about that, just as she is with her other struggles.

Isabel has good days, however. She shares those with fans, too.

“Felt cute today,” Isabel Roloff scrawled across her Instagram Story as she offered a glimpse of herself in the mirror. (Instagram)

In 2021, Little People, Big World alum Jacob Roloff and his wife, Isabel Roloff, welcomed their first child, Mateo.

While their precious baby is a gift, Isabel has experienced the pitfalls of pregnancy, childbirth, and her postpartum body.

But in the above photo, Isabel was feeling cute and ready to tell the world. She captioned the post: “Felt cute today.”

Isabel Roloff and Jacob Roloff took their son, Mateo, to the zoo on this snowy day. (Instagram)

Jacob and Isabel married in September of 2019. He had proposed to her in Iceland after years of dating. They were high school sweethearts, and were friends first.

In December of 2021, they welcomed their first (and only, at least for now) child, baby Mateo.

They love their precious little son. And, given concerns for his rights as well as Jacob’s own miserable experiences with childhood fame, they are keeping him out of the spotlight. Smart!

Isabel Roloff has shared her post-baby body with fans. In some photos, scars. This one is more of a thirst trap. (Instagram)

Meanwhile, Isabel has been very open about the epic highs and lows of her postpartum experiences.

Recently, she opened up to Substack subscribers about feeling “crushed” by her weight gain after welcoming Mateo.

“Somehow I actually started gaining weight after giving birth, even while being considerate of what I was eating, as well as practicing mindful moments,” she wrote. “Admittedly I was crushed by that.”

Isabel Roloff, formerly known as Isabel Rock, holds 7-month-old Mateo while walking in the woods. (Instagram)

Intriguingly, she then opened up about comparing herself to others. To one person in particular.

“One of my closest friends does Crossfit and runs marathons for fun,” Isabel wrote. She was speaking about someone specific.

“My sister-in-law is an athlete who always bounces back like a magician after every baby; she is on her third and in the best shape of her life,” she described. “Sometimes when I am stuck in a comparison loop, these things truly get to me.”

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff in Hawaii
Not a shabby spot for a photo, huh? Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are in Hawaii here. (Instagram)

It’s not difficult to guess that she’s talking about Audrey. Obviously.

Auj has a naturally slender build. Even though she has Ember, Bode, and Radley, she has both the time and the physical ability to “bounce back” from pregnancies.

It’s not Isabel’s fault that her body is different. Every body is different, and different bodies respond to pregnancy in very different ways. Even the genetic makeup of the baby and the placenta (which releases hormones to effect changes in the host) can give people different experiences.

There are few things rarer for Little People, Big World fans than a photo featuring Mateo, but Isabel Roloff shares a pic here and there. (Instagram)

“My body image stuff has been taking me down for months,” Isabel confessed.

“I’m so exhausted, and I need to remember I’m not my body, and there’s other cool things about me,” she noted.

Correct! Our bodies are just flesh prisons that ferry us from room to room and allow us to stay alive and interact with our surroundings. They have real flaws. And they have flaws that we simply imagine, due to personal issues or sinister societal standards.

Isabel Roloff Hugs Son
Isabel Roloff hugs her son close in this photo of the occasional reality star and little Mateo. (Instagram)

Obviously, Isabel is entitled to want her body to be any shape that she likes.

It’s not about what the rest of the world thinks, even if a lot of cultural expectations are clearly shaping her own sense of self-worth.

But we hope that Isabel reaches a place where she fully loves and embraces her body, without this cycle of doubts and comparisons.

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