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Since humans have been created in this world, they are astonishing about the power and abilities if predators. One such mammal Predator, in fact the most powerful mammal Predator is LION, also known as the king of all Animals and Jungle. Now you are going to see some incredible facts of lion which you would have never known before. First before that let’s see some known facts of this mighty predator.

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Lifespan of Lions | Fun Facts

The Scientific or Binomial name of African Lion is Panthera leo. Under the Kingdom of Animalia it comes under the class of Mammalia and Order Carnivora. Lion is the most powerful mammal predator and second largest cat next to tiger. Sadness is, this Majestic beast is in the verge of extinction because lions are found only in some regions of Africa and Asia, while some in reserves like Gir National Park. Some of the well Known facts of lion are:

  • Lions Live around 15 years and to a maximum of 20 years.
  • Male Lions weigh up to 260kg while female lions weigh up to 190kg.
  • They inhabit Savannas and Grasslands.
  • Lions are Social animals and a pride consists of females, off springs and some male lions.
  • Hunting is carried out by Female lions or Lioness.
  • Lions are Nocturnal, hence sleep during Day time.
  • Male lion is distinguished by its Majestic Mane.
  • Tigers, Jaguars and leopards are closest Relatives of Lion.
  • 8 sub species of lion have been identified.
  • Lions are Carnivorous
  • Male and female look distinct, that is sexual dimorphism
  • Lions can grow up to 3.5 m long
  • Lions charge their prey with a devastating speed of 80km/hr
  • Its prey includes Zebra, wildebeest, deer, buffalo etc…
  • The average gestation period is of lion is around 115 days
  • Lions make sounds by snarling, hissing, coughing, woofing, and roaring

These are some of the facts of lions you would have known for many years or long time, but now we are going to provide you some of interesting, Incredible and unknown facts of lion which you have never heard before.

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Interesting Facts About Lions

Lions remain as the symbol of courage and strength for centuries and it is the strongest of all cat family and now you are going to see some of the unknown facts of lion. Some incredible and unknown facts of lion are:

  • Lions sleep about 18-20 hours per day.
  • They are popularly known as Man-eaters because between 1988 and 2009 lions attacked 1,000 people in southern Tanzania and many other attacks also happened similar to that.
  • The colour and size of the mane of male lion is associated with testosterone production in female lions
  • Ancient lion called Cave lions which were extinct today had no Mane.
  • They spend two hours a day for walking and 45 minutes for eating.
  • Male lions don’t share their food, when they hunt it down all by itself.
  • Beyond Humans, the Nile crocodile is the only predator that can scare or threaten the lion alone!
  • The heart of the male lion is about 0.45% of his body weight.
  • Though they can run at 80km/hr they have low stamina and can run only for few minutes at that speed.
  • Grown male lions have a hitting force of 1.5 tones by their paws and can kill an Elephant!
  • The biting force of Male lion is nearly 1000 pounds!
  • Young lions start hunting at the age of 1.
  • Lions roar can be heard from 8 kilometers!
  • Lions can climb trees and hunt baboon monkeys!
  • Once Grown Young males deliberately leave their pride and establish their own prides by taking control over a group lead by another male.
  • Lions pretend to be hurt by the bite of their young ones to motivate them and encourage them in hunting.
  • Male lions defend their pride’s territory, that may include some 120 square miles of grasslands or woodland.
  • Lions are territorial they mark their area with urine, roar to warn intruders and chase off animals that invade their pride.
  • Sometimes Both female and male lions may be Homosexual.
  • Communication is done by gestures like head rubbing and licking.
  • To conquer a pride, new healthy lions kill the cubs of that pride to mate with female lion in that pride, when lion of that pride becomes old.
  • The Pride of Tsavo Lion has only one adult male lion in it.
  • White lions exist; their colour is due to recessive allele
  • White lions do not hunt humans!
  • Lions are used in National symbols such as: symbol in ancient Mesopotamia, lioness symbol in ancient Egypt for wars, Asiatic lion symbol in Chinese art, Symbol in India’s emblem!
  • Only 900-1200 african lions survive.

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You could have been astonished and kept you hand on your nose by reading this incredible, unknown and awesome facts of Lion. We also feel happy in improving your knowledge by posting such incredible facts.

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