Interesting Astrological Signs | Know About 12 Zodiac Signs

Interesting Astrological Signs | Know About 12 Zodiac Signs

Find the Most Interesting Astrological Signs Facts, including General Lifestyle information, horoscope opinions, facts and horoscopes resources.

Aries Zodiac Sign March 21 – April 19

Aries is one of the most interesting Zodiac signs. The Aries Symbol is a Ram and the stone is a Ruby stone. Aries want to live life to fullest of it’s potential. They believe in Carpe Diem and seizing the day, they are optimistic and Enthusiastic about life. They want to be heard and be the leader. Aries are interesting and fun, they enjoy being outdoors and experience nature. You can trust an Aries as they will honor your trust.

Taurus Zodiac Sign April 20 -May 20

Earth and Venus bring together the Taurus. Their horoscope symbol and constellation is the Bull and teh Taurus stone is the Emerald. The Taurus searches to be secure in their love life and their finances. They have a strong determination to have this sense of security. They want to marry and have kids and have everything they ever wanted and life a good life. Taurus people go their own way and create their own path in life. They keep their friends close but their enemies closer. They can be stubborn and they get scared and defensive when they fear their security can be lost. They are interesting in they are don’t have the care to be the center of the attention and like to do it their way.

Gemini Zodiac Sign May 21 – June 20

Air and Mercury is the planet of Gemini people. The Constellation in the night sky is Twins and the gemini stone is the Aquamarine. They want to be involved and the center of attention of everything. They want to be a jack of all trades. To explore a little bit of everything. They are big thinkers and are great at Math and science. They want to be heard and the head of the people. However, they are conservative and cautious in their pursuit to be the king of their life.

Cancer Zodiac Sign June 21 – July 22

Cancer zodiac sign is interesting in that it’s like flowing Water. They have the moon as their planet and the constellation is a crab. Like the Moon, their gem is the Moonstone. Cancer searches for love and passion among their relationships. They seek family and loving friends. They have consistent mood changes and are unpredictable. They are interesting and have compassion for their family and friends, but are very sensitive when they are betrayed or think they are being betrayed by their loved ones. What makes them so interesting in the zodiac world is their moonfully sensitive attitude.

12 Zodiac Signs

Leo Zodiac Sign July 23 – August 22

Leo is the Fire and the planet of the Sun. The constellation and zodiac sign is a Lion. The gem stone is a Peridot and LEO’s want to lead their lions pride. They are vibrant and active and want to be famous in their world or the entire world. The LEO is interesting zodiac sign as they are strong but also forgiving and kind and they chase after success with a strong attitude, but are also very kind in doing so. They will leap over you if it means their success, as they are strong willed. They do search for a great love in their life. They are extroverts and out going and try to make people laugh all the time.

Virgo Zodiac Sign August 23 – September 22

The zodiac sign is the Earth and the planet of Mercury. The Constellation is the Virgin and the stone of the Sapphire. Virgo Zodiac sign strive to do right by you, and care for the people around them. They want love and they want you to love them too. Virgo’s are interesting in that they have the most creative passion in their projects of all other Zodiac signs. Creativity drives the Virgo.

Libra Zodiac Sign September 23 – October 22

The Libra is Air with the planet of Venus, and constellation of the The Scales and gem stone of Opals. They want to be steady in their live. They hate complication and don’t like confrontation with others. They are happy when they are in love with someone or something and have it easy and life is going easy.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign October 23 – November 21

The element of Water and the planet of Pluto. The constellation of the Scorpion and stone of Topaz. They are like Donald Trump in that they want to conquer all and be the king of their inspirations and passions. They want to be heard and be the strongest of all. They are drama queens and very intense and overwhelming in their personality. They struggle to find security in their love life.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign November 22 – December 21

If you mix Fire and the planet of Jupiter, with the constellation of The Archer and gem color of Turquoise. You get Sagittarius who wants to live their life and have a family with a good education. They get very edgy at times and can be very happy or very down, so be careful as this sign is very interesting Sagittarian’s

Capricorn Zodiac Sign December 22 – January 19

The Earth and planet of Saturn the constellation of a Goat. The gem of a Garnet. They are powerful and seek to be different. They are great business people

Aquarius Zodiac Sign January 20 – February 18

The Water Bearer and the stone of Amethyst. They seek for understanding of the issues that surround them. They want details and specifics about why things are happening and seek knowledge.

Pisces Zodiac Sign February 19 – March 20

Water and Neptune planet for Pisces, the constellation of the Fish and gem of the Blood stone. They seek energy from the world but are very up and down. They seek fantasy as opposed to reality and an interesting zodiac sign in that they are big dreamers and think they’re dreams will come true one day.

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