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Most of Inception has people (Cobb and his underlings) explain what inception is. There is way, way, too much dialogue and time spent on explaining things. The movie is close to 2 and a half hours long and could of easily been cut in half (it would probably be incoherent then, but I’m sure Nolan would prefer it that way).

The acting is on par with the acting in The Matrix—non-existent. Why is it in sci-fi and fantasy movies every character has to talk and act the same way? All of Cobb’s workers pretty much act and talk the same and no character is really individualized. The actor’s are simply spitting out Nolan’s inane dialogue hoping “complexity” will suffice.

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It is revealed that when Cobb enters a person’s dream state, he sees images of his dead wife (whoops did I spoil something?), Mel (the enigmatic Marion Cotillard, whose talents is completely wasted in a flat role) and his children. There is a scene which explains the reason why Cobb always sees Mel in someone’s dreams. The reason why is straight out of Memento. We already saw the theme of guilt and the way it was portrayed in Memento. Why did Christopher Nolan have to be repetitive instead of thinking of a way to explain Cobb and his obsession that Nolan didn’t already use?

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Cobb hires Ariadne (Ellen Page whose acting skills are also completely ignored here), an architect to build people’s dreams. I won’t bother explaining how it’s impossible to build an environment that is inside a person’s brain. Cobb explains how this is possible, but not in any convincing way.

Inception also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur, one of Cobb’s assistants (I’ll let you guess if Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s acting skills are displayed here).

Inception isn’t a total loss. After the first incoherent hour, the film does get progressively better the further it goes along. The scene depicting Cobb’s motive for being an extractor, while not entirely original is a dramatically moving moment. There are nice effects, camera shots and the music by Hans Zimmer isn’t overused and really adds flavor to the film’s surroundings. There is also a great scene when one of Cobb’s assistants survives a dangerous crash and turns to the people in back of him and says, “did you see that?” only to remember that they are sleeping.

I’m probably being a bit too harsh on the film. I guess because the film has been so universally praised (months before the film was even released) I feel the need to even the score and tone down the underserved hype and enthusiasm.

Inception isn’t as awful as I’ve made it sound, but with all the talent involved, Inception under-performs greatly (which isn’t so great).

IMDB Rating: 8.8/10


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