How To Wear Stylist Sweatpants For Men

If there was a single theme to the last ten years in menswear, it would be the loosening of dress norms across the board. During this time, white sneakers were the go-to everyday shoe, the hoodie transitioned from sensationalist tabloid headline to wardrobe staple, and the modest tee surpassed the collared shirt as the go-to top for males. It’s a shift that’s changed the way we dress dramatically. Casual has risen to the top of the fashion world. So much so that even something as shamelessly casual as jogging bottoms has become a wardrobe staple.

Sweatpants didn’t have a place in a man’s life until later, unless he was working out or, more likely, vegetating on the couch. Outside of these worlds, wearing a pair was admitting sartorial loss. Today, though, opinions about joggers are diametrically opposed. Jogging bottoms have been repurposed to match the modern gentleman’s day-to-day wardrobe thanks to the blending of dress codes and, in particular, the growth of athleisure. However, don’t mistake this for permission to wear a pair to your next job interview. Instead, use this styling guide to discover how and when to wear sweatpants correctly.

1. Everything in black

If it’s nice enough for the fashion world’s elite, it’s good enough for the rest of us. Black is a classic choice for the clinically cool, and it’s easy to understand why: it is indeed slick, smart, and timeless. Sweatpants give this ensemble an athletic, street-style feel.

To do it right, go for black sneakers and heavyweight tees instead of formal Oxford shoes and button-down shirts. Layer with a merino wool hoodie and a technical jacket on cooler days, and finish with a handy backpack or messenger bag. Make sure your joggers are glossy black and not old and faded – you want them to look like they belong with the ensemble.

2. College sweatpants

Rather than wearing pants or dress jeans to college, go in style. Wear your sweat pants with a Casio watch and a navy blue waterproof raincoat, alongwith shoes and a tshirt, enjoy a trendy day at college.

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3. Tracksuit in a coordinated color scheme

Full tracksuits are no longer reserved for Ali G and your high-school PE teacher. These synchronized coveralls have resurfaced as a result of the current 1990s renaissance and continuous taste for throwback sportswear. Whether you like it or not, it makes getting dressed a whole lot easier.

The first thing to remember is that there is a time and a place for a co-ord tracksuit – keep it for lazy weekends and after a gym workout or post-office five-a-side match. Choose something black and clear of excessive branding for the greatest results, then blend it with some contrasting footwear. A high-end pair, such as common projects will give the appearance a more dressed-up feel.

4. Minimize casual dressings

Tracksuit bottoms have always been associated with young men. But, sartorially speaking, the ability to apply discipline when dressing oneself is what distinguishes the boys from the men. When done correctly, it means that even we adults can appreciate the benefits of fashion’s most comfortable legwear without looking like we’re trying too hard.

One of the most crucial words in menswear is simplicity. Keep the following in mind to make this look work: avoid flashy designs and designer logos in favor of superior fabrics and a decent fit. Combine your tailored joggers with a high-quality hoodie, white tee, and leather boots for a laid-back look suitable for men of all ages.

When it comes to color, try for a top-to-bottom contrast. A classic grey crew neck will never go out of style, but other neutrals and earthy tones can also work. It’s impossible to go wrong with a deep, rich navy blue for joggers.

5. Sweatpants for holidays

For the Christmas holidays, nothing beats uncomplicated masculine elegance. Slip into glider color block sweatpants and a grey cashmere crew neck sweater, making sure it’s not too loose if you want to create a go-to look for lounging on the couch. Red socks and a Christmas cap will give your outfit a unique touch.

6. Lightweight layering

When it comes to stocking wardrobes, the transitional months are notoriously difficult, but joggers might be a useful legwear alternative. They’re warm and cuffed, perfect for keeping the chill at bay, and when paired with a lightweight jacket and sneakers, they’re a great choice for blustery weekend outings.

Choose a pair of joggers in a classic neutral color (grey, navy, or black) and pair them with a tonal, slim-fit T-shirt and a sporty windbreaker, bomber, or coach jacket. Keep it basic when it comes to accessorizing. If it’s cold outside, add a well-fitting beanie, or a luxurious baseball cap if it’s not.

7. Wear sweatpants for a morning walk

Guys? Are you a morning person who enjoys going for a morning walk with your girlfriend every day? If your answer is yes, you should absolutely have some fantastic sweatpants in your collection because it’s no longer just about walking but also about looking good. Take a look at this amazing ensemble of grey slacks and a black tee. The Adidas sneakers, watch, and cap give this ensemble a polished feel. Not only that, but these cotton-rich fleece joggers with a brushed interior for added warmth will keep you warm at the gym or on the couch. Also, ensure to check out these zip waist trainers.

8. Athleisure

The blending of dress norms is more visible in athleisure than anywhere else in menswear. This relatively new design combines the greatest aspects of sportswear with the best aspects of casualwear, with spectacular results. We’ve taken designs that can be worn in the city and elevated them to sofa-worthy levels of comfort.

However, striking the appropriate balance is crucial. Consider pairing your sweatpants with smart-casual outfits to dress them up. To keep any thoughts of the gym at bay, put a wool overcoat or leather jacket over a nice knitted polo. On foot, a technical shoe is a way to go. Knitted designs are still extremely popular, and they provide more comfort than nearly any other shoe style. Darker colorways provide the most adaptability.

9. High-low

Heavy hitters in menswear have made a point of combining high-end fashion with low-key cool. The remedy to dripping head to toe in brand labels, which might come out as a touch gauche, is to mix casual classics with the odd expensive clothes. Choose one or two high-end focal pieces to complete the appearance.

It’s a great idea to start with outerwear and sneakers. Don’t be hesitant to invest some cash in these two goods. Dress them down with a pair of joggers and a crew-neck sweater or sweatshirt, then finish the look with high-end accessories like leather luggage and a cashmere scarf.

10. Sports-Inspired

Jogging bottoms have their origins in athletics, and you don’t have to be a fashion historian to know that. As a result, paying homage and wearing yours in a properly sporty manner, albeit filtered through a style-conscious lens, makes sense. When it comes to sweatpants, think of high-end brands like Reigning Champ, Hamilton and Hare, and Sunspel. They should be slim-fitting, form-flattering, and thick enough to feel secure in.

Apply this mindset to the remaining elements as well. To stay loyal to the sporty concept, keep everything monochromatic. Up top, a zip-up hoodie or track jacket is a great choice, while a polo tucked into the waistband adds a bit more dressed-up touch. Finish with a pair of vintage running shoes and you’re all set.


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