How to Fix your FaceTime on iPhone/iPad? Solve Problems of Not Working

After iOS 7.1 update, lot of users are complaining that FaceTime is not working on their iPhones and iPads over WiFi. Here we will guide you how to fix FaceTime not working error.

Fix FaceTime Not Working

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Procedure to Fix FaceTime Not Working on iPhone/iPad

First of all make sure that your iOS device is compatible with FaceTime because Apple had already announced that FaceTime over 3G is available only for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C and iPad 4 and Air. So if you own older iOS device like iPad 2 or iPhone 4 then you won’t be able to enjoy FaceTime over 3G and the only option for you is to use FaceTime over WiFi.

If you own FaceTime over cellular data compatible iOS device and still you are facing error, then check for your data plan compatibility because some cellular networks like AT&T only allow users with shared data plans to use FaceTime over 3G. If this hasn’t fixed your Facetime not working error, then try deactivating the Facetime feature and then reactivate it again. For that:

Launch Settings app.

Go to Facetime.

Toggle the switch to disable Facetime.

Now toggle it again after few seconds to activate the Facetime feature again.

Hopefully this will fix facetime not working error on your iPhone and iPad. If you are still facing it, then let us know so we can help.


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