How to Connect Your Phone to Your Computer Without USB

To access music documents, photos or videos from Android to a computer, or vice versa want to send or save music, documents, photos, videos to Android we usually use a data cable or by removing the memory card to open it on the computer.


How do you get those benefits without using a data cable and without opening a memory card?

We can do this through a wireless connection, namely by using Wi-fi.

Many applications for this purpose include the App Software Data Cable .

The way it works is that Android acts as an FTP server, then accessed by a computer or other device using Wifi. be it wifi from different devices or wifi generated by Android itself.

On Android, open the Google Play Store

Search application with the keyword software data cable . as shown in the capture below. then install it.


Once installed, Run the application.

Tap/select PC SYNC tab




If the Android is already connected to a wifi device, for example there is a wifi router access point/hotspot at home or at your office, then after running the app earlier, Android can be directly accessed by computers using the same wifi/access point.

If it is not connected or there is no Wifi / access point. then Android will make itself a portable wifi, as in the following example:

Tap Create to create a portable wifi hotspot


Then information will appear about the wifi SSID and password to be accessed by other devices (computers), it’s up to you whether you want to use the settings that have been given automatically or you want to change it up, to quickly select Dismiss ,


The IP address and port will appear for the purposes of accessing from a computer device.


From the Android side, the settings are complete, now it’s on the computer that will access it.

Connect to the Android wifi like you would connect to an internet Wifi hotspot as usual, selecting the SSID and entering the security password.

After the wifi is connected, open File explorer, then type the IP address of the FTP server as shown in the application. In the example address that must be written is:


Then in File explorer, folders related to documents will appear on the Android device.



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