Hahn Rowe’s World Premiere Coming Soon at Columbia University
September 25, 2023
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Something about the Weather is a new and original work by New York-based composer, producer, and performer Hahn Rowe.

Artist Hahn Rowe (©A.DONADIO)

Something about the Weather is a new and original work by New York-based composer, producer, and performer Hahn Rowe. Columbia University School of the Arts commissioned the piece as part of its 2022–23 season of public programming and engagement organized around the theme “To Transform.”

Rowe describes Something about the Weather as “an inquiry into what we do when we are left to make something from nothing. While old structures are stubbornly refusing to die, many have lost the ability to dream of another reality. Music and sound can ignite our ability to ride along the edges of our imagination, where transformation is possible.”

In a live concert, Rowe will use digital processing alongside traditional instruments and crude, everyday objects to build a fluid, shapeshifting soundscape for the Lantern — the flexible, top-floor space of the Lenfest Center for the Arts.

“An expedition in the wilderness? A cooking show gone awry? A negotiation of inclement conditions?” Rowe asks. Something about the Weather is “a ritual romp through a playground of all things sonorous.”

Performance Dates

  • Tuesday, January 31, 7pm (EST)
  • Wednesday, February 1, 7pm (EST)

Registration opens January 18.

To read more about the artist and Columbia University School of the Arts, visit lenfest.arts.columbia.edu.

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