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Gwendlyn Brown has some more negative things to say about her dad’s only remaining spouse.

On Friday, the 21-year old once again used her YouTube channel to provide subscribers with a glimpse behind the scenes of Sister Wives.

Once again, she also tore Robyn Brown a brand new one in the process.

This is becoming a trend for Gwendlyn.


“Robyn has chosen to … keep her kids away from the rest of us,” Christine and Kody’s daughter said at the time, referencing her quasi step-mother.

“It sucks,” Gwendlyn added.

“I wish I had Aurora more in my life. But she’s an adult now and it’s her choice not to be in a relationship with me anymore.”

Gwendlyn Brown is all smiles in this photo, which she posted to her official Instagram account. (Instagram)

Over the past several months, Gwendlyn has frequently rewatched various episodes of her family’s reality show — and then reacted candidly to what she witnessed on screen.

In April, Brown reflected on the Season 17 tell-all special; specifically what Robyn had to say on air.

“With Robyn, she’s made it very clear that she no longer sees herself as part of the family,” Gwendlyn said.

“I’m not sure if she’ll allow that to happen with her kids.”

Gwendlyn Brown posts another reaction video this week, this time responding to the Sister Wives episode in which her mother says her goodbyes to the family. Meanwhile, we’re all about that art on the table behind her. (Instagram)

Gwendlyn previously spoke out about her family’s changing dynamic and her father’s relationship with his kids, saying it “hurts to see” the polygamous patriarch making happy memories with his younger sons and daughters.

“It’s terrible that I’m making this about myself, but it hurts so much to see him be a good father to others when I didn’t really get that much,” Brown said during a February 2023 YouTube video while fighting back tears.

She was reacting at the time to Kody welcoming his and Robyn’s youngest children, Ariella and Solomon, home from their first day of school.

“I’m so happy they have a good father or from what it looks like to be a good father and an active father.”


She continued at the time:

“I don’t remember coming home from kindergarten or anything and seeing my dad being happy that I ate all my lunch, or that I made a friend at school, [it] was always my mom.”

“It sucks that he was not there so much, but I’m happy for them.”

As for where Gwendlyn stands with Robyn? As for how she views Kody’s sole legal spouse?

Kody and Robyn Brown don’t look especially thrilled to be sitting and talking to the Sister Wives camera here, do they? (TLC)

“I don’t really like her as a person,” Gwendlyn said of Robyn in late 2022.

“Watching her [on Sister Wives] makes me like her less, for sure.”

Added Gwendlyn a short time later:

“She states that she wants us to be this big happy family but in my experience, that’s not true. She doesn’t feel like this perfect person to talk through your emotions.

“When she says she is and she claims it’s going to be this little one-on-one, it feels — at the risk of sounding like I’m accusing her of being this bad person — it feels manipulative to me.”

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