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Christmas is by far the most popular US holiday of the year and people around the entire country get super excited to celebrate this wonderful holiday with their family. It’s also a fact that consumer spending reaches its peak during the holiday season buying presents and gifts for the Christmas Tree and to put in the Christmas holiday stockings hanging up on the their fireplace. But for all the kids, it’s not the consumers that are buying the gifts during the Christmas season, its Santa and his elves flying in on his sleigh with all the reindeer to deliver tons of cool Christmas gifts to all the kids during the Christmas Season.

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Here are some of the more funny facts about the Christmas Holiday:

In England, the favorite dish for dinner was actually a pig head. Things have changed since, but the pig’s head was the favorite dinner plate for the holiday season.

Christmas brings in some of the most revenue of the entire year for Hollywood as movies race to developer fun and family friends Christmas movies for the whole family to see during their holiday time off.

It is known that the evergreen tree can be edible. Ewe it sounds sick but some actually do each their tree. Parts of it actually retain some Vitamin C, however, we don’t recommend this at home. You may be better off with a pigs head.

Some say if you bake bread on Xmas, it will stay fresh for a very long time if not forever. A funny tale and fact, but we haven’t seen it ring true.

Santa Claus Lives on the North Pole, even though it’s one of the coldest places on Earth. He needs that warm coat to keep him warm through the Christmas Season. It’s a fact that Santa Claus is real and lives on the North Pole, so don’t ruin the secret for your kids this Christmas Season!

Here are some interesting facts about the Christmas Holiday. Elves are from the Pagan religion of the past. In the olden days, It was an interesting fact that no automobiles couldn’t travel on Christmas Day.

It was once believed that any woman who went under mistletoe and was not kissed would not marry the coming year.

It’s a funny fact that if you added up all the Christmas gifts in the Christmas song 12 days of Xmas, you get a total of 364 gifts, one for each day of the year! I bet you didn’t know that fact.


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