Full Form WIFI – History – Works – What is the Wireless Fidelity?


In today’s life we all use WIFI but we don’t know about when and how WIFI started. WIFI is just a radio signals wireless technology which is used for local area networking. By this we can connect more than one device like mobiles laptops computers etc. if we talk practically, WIFI can sprinkle wide network to wireless like router which is a WIFI device which sprinkle wide internet to wireless through this multiple devices can connect. Actually it is facility of WLAN which is known as wireless local area network. This technology covered Local Area Network (LAN) which means this technology range in limited area.

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Full Form of WIFI – Wireless Fidelity

Abbreviation of Wireless Fidelity – WI-FI

History of WIFI – When it was stared

In 1971 there was a Alohanet which is networking system started in Hawaii Islands. In 1985, US Federal Commission released ISM Band, which frequency band was same as microwave frequency which can be prove dangerous. Then after an Australian Astronomer Dr John O Sullivan with his colleagues found key patent which is used in WIFI. Then the credit for invention of WIFI goes to Australia. The first version of Protocol as released in 1997 whose speed is 2MBPS. Then after it was updated to 11 MBPS. In 1999 WI-FI alliances was started which was made as a Trademark of WI-FI. Then WIFI gone spread in all countries.

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How does WIFI works?

In WIFI technology have such device which transmits wireless signals which is normally routers or hotspot. In this, WIFI routers read any information from the Internet and converts it into radio waves. And the WIFI device connects to the WIFI signals present in the environment and creates a small wireless area around it which is called WIFI zone. This small area takes form of Wireless Local Area Network which is also called WLAN. There are in-built wireless adapters any devices placed in this small area like Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets etc. with the help of this they can easily catch the WIFI signals.


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