Everybody Eats – Do They Eat Healthy?

The fact that everybody eats is one of the attributes humanity shares with other living creatures in addition to drinking, sleeping and breathing. While a healthy human being is in need of healthy food to eat, there is an equally compelling case for regular exercises, clean drinking water, enough rest and very little stress, if any. The need for healthy food and clean water is predicated on the assumption that we only eat what is healthy and beneficial to our bodies. However, this is not always the case as some of the things we eat portend a great danger.

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What Everybody Eats – Is It Pure?

The truth is that quite a number of what everybody eats are not pure and carry harmful toxins within them. Some of the diseases which have been on the increase are partly caused by what people eat. The irony of all these, is that toxins are primarily a result of some of the substances added to the food we eat quite innocently. Some of the toxins are added through:

Food items and crops treated with certain chemicals

Use of herbicides

Use of pesticides

Crops which are genetically modified

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Most of these toxins are as a direct result of the different commercial agricultural practices. In the US alone, it is estimated that more than 500 million pounds of herbicides were used. This was in addition to more than 1 billion pounds of pesticides and these were most probably eventually ingested by humans. The entire coverage of genetically modified crops is estimated to be in the region of 100 million acres every year. It is reported that at least 90% of some of the most common stuffs such as soybeans, corn, canola and cotton are genetically modified.

Everybody Eats – Why Do People Eat Unhealthy

One of the reasons cited as to why people continue to heavily eat what is unhealthy, especially as regards genetically modified crops and foods, is that these are cheaper. The natural foodstuff, which are quite obviously grown naturally, tends to be of the highest quality hence attracts higher prices which many complain to be beyond their ability to afford. The desire to eat what is affordable in effect means that people end up paying more in hospital fees and visits.

Everybody Eats – Effects on Humanity

It has been reported that if people are continuously fed on genetically modified foods for more than three generations, they will eventually be unable to reproduce naturally and this will hamper the growth of the same species.

They lead to sterility and barrenness.

Gives rise to diseased animals that are continuously diagnosed with stomach lesions, cancerous tumors, allergies as well as bleeding digestive systems and organs.

Eating animals and crops that are already poisoned ends up poisoning humanity as well.

In the US there are currently less than a million farmers left to cater for the food needs of more than 350 million Americans. These professionals have been discouraged from continuing with this venture as a result of the prolonged effects of using chemicals which are in themselves quite dangerous. Since everybody eats, there is no more reason for people staying away from discussing how the food they eat impacts their lives.


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