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You should choose a dog breed that fits your lifestyle and not expect the dog to adapt to your style of life. You can select an appropriate dog breed. I will help you in choosing a dog breed with minimal health problems.

Breeds of Dogs

  1. Dog Breed Size (weight):

Toy dog breeds 10 pounds or less

Small dog breeds             10 to 25 pounds

Medium dog breeds       25 to 50 pounds

Large dog breeds             50 to 75 pounds

Very large dog breeds   75 plus pounds

  1. Dog Grooming required:

A) Minimal dog grooming

B) A lot of grooming will be needed

3. Exercise required:

Some breeds of dogs require less exercise than short walks while others require significant daily exercise. Domestic dogs will need twice a run every day.

A) Low activity/little exercise

B) High activity/significant exercise

Accommodation required for such breed: 

A) Can adapt to apartment living

B) Suitable for city living with a backyard,C) Large fenced yard or rural environment

Training of Dog required for that dog breed:

A) Fairly easy to train

B) Difficult to train

Dog breeds tolerance for children:

A) Not very good with small children

B) Good with children if raised with them

C) Good with children/toddlers supervised

Dog breeds tolerance for strangers:

A) Not friendly toward strangers

B) Friendly with strangers

The above information is contained in the fairy tale on each page of the dog breeding article. More details on gentleness, fitness dog owners for the first time, exercise recommendations, dog grooming requirements and dog health issues are included in the body of the article. The following examples are taken from the index of dog breeds.

Dog Breeds


  1. Types of family dogs breeds that should do well for children.

It should be noted that this position is reserved for a normal dog of that breed and will not apply to a particular dog – especially one that is not well matched and trained. Children should always be supervised by any dog. Play dogs are not released because they can be injured by young children. Many other dogs will do well with well-behaved older children.


Basset Hound                                    Bernese Mountain Dog

Brittany                                               Boxer

Bulldog                                                Collie

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel       English Cocker Spaniel

English Setter                                    Flat Coated Retriever

Golden Retriever                                Greyhound

Irish Wolfhound                                Keeshond

Labrador Retriever                           Newfoundland

Samoyed                                              Standard Poodle

Welsh Springer Spaniel                     Springer Spaniel


  1. Small dog breeds that can adapt to indoor apartment living.


Boston Terrier (Lightweight)       Chihuahua

Dachshund (Toy or Miniature)   English Cocker Spaniel

Italian Greyhound           Japanese Chin

Maltese               Papillion

Pekingese           Pinscher (Miniature)

Pomeranian       Pug

Shih Tzu               Yorkshire Terrier


  1. Hypoallergenic dogs or non shedding dogs.


Airedale               Australian Terrier

Basenji Bichon Frise

Boston Terrier   Cairn Terrier

Chinese Crested               Kerry Blue Terrier

Havanese            Maltese

Norfolk Terrier  Norwich Terrier

Poodle (Toy and Miniature)        Shih Tzu

Schnauzer           Soft-Coated Wheaton Terrier

Tibetan Terrier  West Highland White Terrier

Welsh Terrier     Xoloitzcuintli

Yorkshire Terrier


  1. Dog breeds that might adapt to being left home alone during the day.


Bernese Mountain Dog Bichon Frise

Borzoi   Bullmastiff

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel       Chinese Crested

English Cocker Spaniel   Great Dane

Great Pyrenees                Greyhound

Irish Wolfhound               Japanese Chin

Pekingese           Pug

Shih Tzu               Whippet


There are many additional selections that you can make from the directory of breed of dogs. Examples could include: good watchdogs; active dogs to go jogging with; long lived dog breeds; small dog breeds etc. Make sure you do your research carefully and select a that fits your lifestyle. If you do your breed selection very carefully, then the next 10 to 12 years of your life will be very rewarding.


Dog Classifications


Dog breeds are divided into different groups according to the purpose for which they are developed. This class plan system breeds an easy way to judge in dog shows. The program also allows attendees to indicate when their favourite types will be shown and allows potential buyers to look at collections of styles that may best fit their lifestyle. Most countries in the world have ratings in groups of six or seven which groups are discussed below. This guide dog guide will initially contain AKC dog breeds and some will be added over time.


The AKC has seven groups, the: Sporting dog, Working dog, Toy dog, Terrier, Hound, Herding dog, and Non-Sporting dog. Our article on “Dog Classifications” describes these groups and the dog breeds that are included. This dog breed information will also help you in choosing a dog.

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