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The last that we heard of Colt Johnson, he was basically disowning Debbie on the 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All.

It was painful to witness — for Debbie’s castmates, for viewers, but most of all, for Debbie herself.

You know what else is painful? An agonizing broken leg.

Colt’s wife Vanessa has revealed that her husband is alive but making use of a wheelchair in the wake of a harrowing accident.

Colt Johnson holds up his thumb to portray a positive attitude despite the painful circumstances. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Over the weekend, Vanessa Guerra took to Instagram to share photos of Colt in a hospital bed.

The injury to his leg were obvious. One does not need to be a medical professional to recognize that kind of brace, or how severe the injuries must be to require it.

Additionally, Vanessa offered a lengthy caption to detail her husband’s condition.

Colt Johnson suffered a painful accident in late 2022, requiring a lengthy hospitalization and multiple surgeries.

“On December 2nd, Colt suffered an accident,” Vanessa’s caption began.

It was an accident, she wrote, “which caused a dislocated and broken leg.”

Vanessa detailed that Colt suffered injuries to his “Tibia/fibula along with torn meniscus.”

Colt Johnson seems determined to portray a positive attitude, even as his wife updates fans on his condition.

“He was hospitalized for 2 weeks,” Vanessa described.

“In those 2 weeks,” she shared, “he had 2 surgeries.”

Vanessa then revealed: “With all the pain meds/anesthesia he received, his bladder stopped working and [he] has been on a catheter since.”

“He is unable to put any weight on the leg,” Vanessa shared.

She noted that Colt “can’t bend it.”

“And,” Vanessa then characterized, her husband “is wheelchair bound.” By that she means that he requires a wheelchair for mobility.

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra react to the no-show situation

“His 3rd surgery was a couple of days ago,” Vanessa wrote.

She shared that he underwent this procedure “to remove the hardware he had to keep his leg straight.”

Suffice it to say, Vanessa then went on, “It’s been a rough journey.”

“I had to move us from our second story apartment within a few days,” Vanessa then dished.

She had to make this move, she explained, “due to him not being able to go up stairs.”

Despite what one might assume, many residences are not wheelchair accessible. Lax laws and multiple loopholes leave temporarily or permanently disabled residents forced to find a new home.

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“His recovery time is expected to be 6-8 months,” Vanessa then shared with fans and followers.

“Physical therapy will be added in the next month or 2,” she detailed.

This, Vanessa explained, is necessary “for him to be able to learn how to walk again.”

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“Regardless of how you may feel about him,” Vanessa reminded anyone reading the post.

“This has been extremely hard physically, mentally, and emotionally,” she noted.

“He could really use words of encouragement & all the support he can get,” Vanessa then concluded. “Thanks everyone.”

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Colt’s ex-wife, Larissa Lima, left a series of tearful emojis in the replies.

She was among countless commenters who expressed their sympathies.

Colt has his flaws, but we would not wish this upon him — or anyone, really.

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