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At a press conference, Senate Majority Leader Schumer (D-NY) said that House Republicans have refused to show their plan and have instead offered gibberish like cutting the ‘woke’ agenda.

Video of Schumer:

Schumer said, “Show us your plan. He says he wants cuts. Where? He hasn’t named a single place where he wants them. Is it going to be Social Security or Medicare? Don’t just say no. Prove it. Show us your plan. Well, you say he said he’s not going to do that, but a number of his Republicans are still saying they want to do it. The very same Republicans who got their way when they were organized. We can’t be sure they won’t cut Social Security or Medicare until we see their plan. The only thing we hear is a lot of rhetoric. One member says they want to cut the woke agenda. What’s that? What cuts does that mean? Some even say the woke military agenda. I don’t even know what they’re talking about.”

Schumer added that Republicans have floated cuts to Medicaid, and food assistance to children.

House Republican provoked this potential crisis, and they have no plan. They can’t agree on demands or anything they want, which leaves Speaker Kevin McCarthy standing around demand vague things when no else knows what they are talking about.

As Sarah Jones wrote in the PoliticusUSA Newsletter, which I urge you to subscribe to below, “It is McCarthy’s job, and the job of these Republicans in the House, to raise the debt ceiling. This is the job they are being paid to do. It’s not Biden’s job to figure out what they want.”

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It is not President Biden’s job to figure out what House Republicans want. It’s not Majority Leader Schumer’s job to decide what the House GOP wants. It’s Kevin McCarthy’s job to come up with a plan, get the House majority to support it, and then work with the Senate and president to pass legislation to raise the debt ceiling.

Kevin McCarthy is doing his job, and Chuck Schumer isn’t going to tolerate House Republican incompetence and nonsense.

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