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A selection of paintings by artist Julia Maiuri, currently based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Maiuri uses film and collective memory as entry points into the fantastic — an imaginative space somewhere between the natural and supernatural. She is interested in the passage of time, the nature of truth, and exploring multiple perspectives of the same moment. Referencing horror, noir, and surrealist films like Blood Simple, Suspiria, and Meshes of the Afternoon, her work often mimics the slow dissolves of film:

“I take stills out of context and reinterpret them through cropping, blurring, and layering to spin new narratives that exist somewhere between memory, fiction, and dreams. Visual tropes found in the films I reference imbue the work with a lingering sense of uncertainty; hands make mysterious offerings, while eyes strain for contact against gauzy layers of paint. Shadows and silhouettes simulate their corporeal forms, while mirrors confine and distort the figures who look upon them.”

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