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Android 13 introduced a new way to switch audio playback between wireless speakers using the new lockscreen widget and the updated notification. Currently this works for YouTube and YouTube Music, but Google and Spotify just announced that they are working together to enable this for Spotify Connect devices as well.

The team at Google is also working to make this feature smarter and simplify moving between different locations that have different speakers. Imagine you start listening to a podcast in your car. After you arrive at your destination and get out of the car a notification will pop up allowing you to quickly switch to listening using headphones. Then when you get back home the same notification will appear again offering to switch to your TV or a speaker.

Smart notifications are coming to Android to help you easily switch music playback

The technology that makes this work has three layers. First, your phone will sense what devices are near you using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and UWB. The second layer will recognize the capabilities of these devices to figure out which is most suitable for the content you are playing. The third and final layer will adjust how the whole system works based on your interactions with these devices.

If you want to know more about future developments for the Android OS, you can swing by Google’s booth at CES in Central Plaza-1.

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