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Amy Roloff just got extremely raw, and very real.

During an Instagram Live session with her best friend Lisa Dixon, the Little People, Big World matriarch delved into extreme detail about something very personal:

Her journey to parenthood.

And the major challenges she faced along the way.

Amy Roloff is live here on Facebook, answering questions from her fans. (Facebook)

At one point in the candid discussion, Amy said that she was “ill as a child for a number of years” and therefore wondered if that could have played a part in her “infertility.”

From what we can recall, Roloff has never really talked about this topic in public before.

“I wasn’t regular so I never knew when that time of the month was coming,” Amy added of her period, explaining that this irregular cycle made it challenging for her and her then-husband Matt Roloff to get conceive.

It took several years, Amy continued.

This almost never happens! Amy Roloff poses here with all four of her adult children. (instagram)

Amy and Matt, of course, now shares four kids, all of whom the former was fortunate to spend time with on Mother’s Day.

As you can see above, Amy hung out on that special occasion with daughter Molly and sons Jacob, Jeremy and Zach.

The mother of four underwent fertility treatment that made it more likely she might have multiple children at once — which understandably freaked her out.

“Being a little person, I knew I would be able to carry one baby but could I carry two? Could I carry three?” she asked aloud during this Instagram session.

Amy Roloff looks anything but pleased in this photo of her from the latest season of Little People, Big World. (tlc)

Amy did end up having twins — Jeremy, who is an average-sized adult; and Zach, who was born with dwarfism.

Amy told Dixon that her mindset, upon learning she was carrying a pair of babies at once, was the following:

“My body can do this,” “I can handle it,” and “I’m capable.”

After Roloff delivered the twin boys via C-section, she told Lisa that she felt alone, explaining that she and Matt had just moved to Oregon and she was “by herself.”

Matt Roloff Fires Back at Amy: I'm Better Than You Are!

This is where Amy hurled a bit of shade in her ex-spouse’s direction.

The TLC personality confessed that “Matt had to go to work” and handing two newborns was “a lot to take on.”

She didn’t really elaborate in this Q&A, but Amy has taken the occasional opportunity over the years to say some negative things about Matt.

Most notably, Amy once accused Matt of cheating on her.


“I think when you start looking before you’re separated in marriage, that is hard,” Amy said in a 2019 promotional interview for a book she wrote.

“When you become involved or much more than just a friend, but you become more in a relationship than just say ‘Hey, hi friend, lets go out for coffees’ type of thing, I think that can be hard on the other person as well.”

Amy did not mention Caryn Chandler by name at the time.

However, Chandler worked as a manager at Roloff Farms and clearly got close to Matt before the two started dating.

They’re engaged! Caryn Chandler is flashing a gorgeous ring in this photo with her fiance. (instagram)

“We had someone that worked for us for a very long time, on our farm,” Amy added back then.

“And I believe – this is all from my perspective –  that there was more than just friends going on.

“And I think that evolved to a point where that got in the way of our marriage as well.”

Amy got married to Chris Marek in August 2021, while, just a few weeks ago, Roloff and Chandler got engaged.

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