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It’s no secret that Loren Brovarnik’s parents are against the move to Israel.

At this point, it’s just something that she and Alexei are considering.

There are arguments on both sides. Some are better than others.

On this week’s Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days, Loren’s parents’ objections infuriated Alexei, who stormed off.

Not even a family trip to Israel seems to be easing the minds of Marlene and Bryan.

They’re there with their daughter, Loren, and thier son-in-law, Alexei.

Vacationing is fundamentally different from a long-term move. They don’t want their daughter — and grandchildren — to spend years away from them.

During this week’s episode, Loren paused and asked why “everyone is so quiet.”

She had missed some disagreement and she wanted to know what it was.

Alexei waved in the general direction of his in-laws while inviting his wife to “ask them what their concerns are.”

“Just concerned about a few things,” Marlene told her daughter in the vaguest possible terms.

Alexei then interjected: “The Israel move, of course.”

He then offered a crash course in his in-laws’ previous objections, followed by an expression of exacerbation. “The more we talk about it, the more we get pushback.”

Loren naturally asked her father what was on his mind.

“I’ve said a lot today,” Bryan noted, and continued by admitting “and you’re not gonna like any of it.”

His biggest concern was the welfare of his grandchildren, and how living in Israel might impact their lives.

“Israel is a very modern country,” Bryan appraises.

“It’s also a Middle Eastern country with archaic laws and things,” he continues vaguely.

“And,” Bryan then asks, “who would have the right to those children?”

“You have to find out,” Bryan advises hisdaughter.

He asks her if she knows “would you be able to take the children back out of the county?”

Bryan then remarks: “Cause that’s a real possibility in the Mideast.”

It is certainly true that many countries, including Israel, have different custody laws. One should always research many legal distinctions before moving.

For example, Israel seldom awards joint custody. One parent receives custody, the other usually receives visitation rights.

However, Alexei clearly took offense, proclaiming: “oh that’s it, I’m out.”

Perhaps Alexei resented his father-in-law’s characterization of Israel and its legal system.

Or perhaps the issue was that custody would likely only come up if Alexei and Loren were to split.

Either way, Alexei put their son in a stroller and stormed off.

Loren expressed her dismay to the confessional camera.

“A custody lawyer? What the f–k?” she expressed to the camera.

Meanwhile, Alexei felt like this was a total rejection of him by his in-laws despite 7 years with Loren.

Alexei Brovarnik and Loren Brovarnik at MTV Awards 2022

“I’m really pissed he went that way,” Alexei told the camera.

“I did not think that after seven years I still have, you know, so little trust,” he said. “And he has so little trust in me.”

Alexei then added: “I think at some point he will come to realize that if we decide things we’re gonna go through with them and if he’s against it, he’s gonna lose us forever.”

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